Ian Freeman from Free Talk Live Talks Freely on the Gumbo

Ian Freeman 4 up

Ian Freeman from Free Talk Live and The Liberty Radio Network talks late into the night with Michael W. Dean about the differences between Free State Project and Free State Wyoming, guns, drugs, pirate radio, activism, foxy girls in New Hampshire, hope, cops, government infiltration, war, peace, freedom, anarchy, liberty, libertarianism, RE-27 microphones, Mumble, libertarian paternalism, and why violence and self-immolation are not the answer.

5 response to "Ian Freeman from Free Talk Live Talks Freely on the Gumbo"

  1. By: David Crowe Posted: May 5, 2012

    Good point about saying glowing things about the gov’t in sarcastic tones. Robert Anton Wilson, in his Schrodinger’s Cat series, uses the given names of certain notables as substitutes for dirty words. For instance, penises are always called Rehnquists and fellatio is referred to as a “Steinem Job”, etc,…
    Good stuff.

  2. By: bruce Posted: March 30, 2012

    Really like the interview. more please.

  3. By: MichaelWDean Posted: March 30, 2012


  4. By: Garrett Fox Posted: March 30, 2012

    That was such a good conversation guys. This was loaded with most of my favorite things.

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