Christian Seger on The Butthole Surfers, Goat Cheese and the State


Christian Seger of Blue Heron Farm talks about his time touring doing sound for the Butthole Surfers (and Lynyrd Skynyrd), raising healthy goats and making excellent goat cheese, and the State’s attempts to make that difficult.

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  1. By: Dean Posted: January 9, 2013

    Saw the Butthole Surfers twice. Greystone Hall, Detroit, MI – 86. Variety Arts Center, Los Angeles, CA – 87. Both shows were excellent.

    BTW – Do you know Dave Pahoa from the Plimsouls? I ask because he formed a band in the late eighties called Psychowhich.. You seem to know everyone from that scene. I caught them a couple of times. Once at a club in Hollywood, then later at The Palomino Club in North Hollywood. This would have been in 1986-87. After that, I never saw, or heard of them again. I think there was a guy named Donny Vox in the band as well.

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