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Michael Dean interviewed on charming Scottish podcast, Greening Out

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Caity and Dan Greene, a young married couple from Glasgow, Scotland.

Michael W. Dean from the Freedom Feens on Greening Out podcast.

Show notes from the podcasters:

In this “teaching hospital” style episode of the podcast, we explore how Michael Dean has helped our audio by a million percent on, in our case, a dog food budget. We talk about podcasting, the great equipment we got on, the do’s and dont’s of audio recording, the TV show ‘Peep Show’, the film ‘Trainspotting’ , the shittiness of some courier delivery services, Law Enforcement Officers or ‘LEOs’, the council workers who police our behaviour when we are out and about minding our own business (who think they are actual police officers) , the gun laws in Scotland and how prohibition causes crime. Decriminalization vs legalization, the future of excellent quality liberty audio and who the “real people” are in the world of liberty, and of course: worms.


Software we used (all free):

Recorded on MP3 Skype Recorder

Edited on:Audacity (free recording and editing software)
MP3 Plugin For Audacity (needed to import and export MP3s)

The Gear we got on Michael’s advice:

Michael Shanklin Interviews Michael Dean for the Voluntary Virtues podcast


Michael Shanklin Interviews Michael Dean of the Freedom Feens radio show on 10/29/13 for the Voluntary Virtues podcast. A good time is had by all. Doesn’t need show notes because with these two, you know it’s good.


Michael W. Dean’s book A User’s Manual for the Human Experience

Michael W. Dean was a handful at a very young age. He tested extremely high on aptitude tests, but was asked to leave his public school due to his very vocal hatred of authority figures. (Examples here, here, here, here and here.)

Michael W. Dean on Ed and Ethan podcast


20-minutet segment on the Ed and Ethan Podcast where Michael Dean ruins their show by talking too long. Hey, you put a microphone on MWD, he’ll talk. It’s what he does. Worms!

Bad Quaker/Anarchy Gumbo/Freedom Feens – episode: Adam Kokesh’s Ferret Swing Party

Charlie leg

Charlie cat is out of the cat hospital and and healing nicely, but Neema’s still in Gitmo. So Ben Stone from the Bad Quaker podcast and Michael W. Dean of the Freedom Feens do a very special psychedelic cross-show episode where they discuss Adam Kokesh’s legal options, the War on Liberty, how the original Boston Tea Party was very much like today’s Occupy Wall Street, and why brewer/patriot Samuel Adams was full of MACHO LIBERTARIAN FLASH!

Alternate low-bandwidth version:

Doing promos for radio station affiliates of your syndicated show


On this the Final Anarchy Gumbo episode, Michael W. Dean explains the value of, and then plays some, promos and liners for Freedom Feens radio station affiliates. This is something you do for free for stations, and you should do it well and promptly.

The Gumbo will still very occasionally have new episodes, but no longer weekly, as MWD is too busy working on his lifelong dream of RADIOOOOOOOOOO!

June 6th, 2013:

Hey, I am pod fading Anarchy Gumbo….I have gotten busier now that the Freedom Feens got on radio, and have a few other things that came up, so I really don’t have time to do a weekly Gumbo anymore.

I still may occasionally do an interview on the Gumbo, every few months or so, but I can’t do it weekly and have it be good, so I’d rather not try and half-ass it.

Thanks man!

Michael W. Dean

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