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Neema Vedadi on the Bad Quaker Podcast


Ben Stone interviews Neema Vedadi on the Bad Quaker Podcast. They talk about how to get to LibPar, alternatives to government-monopoly law, and how the Feens are going to take over the media.

Ben Quaker on Liberty in Our Lifetime vs. Liberty in Your Unborn Grandchild’s Lifetime.

Ben Stone (the Bad Quaker) and Michael W. Dean wax poetic with the next lesson in the Anarchy Distance Learning University series. They talk about “Will there be liberty in our lifetime?” Will our podcasts be played in schools and studied by the 100 years? They yack about how the State still has a lot to steal, not just here but also in Africa and elsewhere; what to do when “they” come for your guns, Frédéric Bastiat and the Russians, maybe the government archives of us at NSA and DHS will be used for the liberty masses in 100 years, the fragmenting goon bullet the gubmint has, will Ben and Michael die of natural deaths or be killed? a discussion of audio archiving quality vs, video, archiving and storing media as well as guns, the movie Adaptation and the hypocrisy of the Christian rock group, Stryper.

Bad Quaker episode we reference: “The State, From Roving Thieves to its Final Stage

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