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Derrick J Explains His Process.


Filmmaker, movie star and activist Derrick J. Freeman explains how you can become an overnight sensation like him with nothing more than years of hard work. He and Michael W. Dean also explain how to get a foot in the door in media, and how to be in demand by learning to work well with others.

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Stephanie Murphy, the brilliant scientist from Free Talk Live and Porc Therapy, joins Michael W. Dean on the Gumbo to chat about BDSM, kink, paraphilia, the DSM IV, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome, Mumble, encryption and libertarians, avoiding the state, BitCoin, the search for personal freedom and purity, blocking idiots on the Interwebs, telecommuting to Porcfest, agony aunts, defooing, Stefan Molyneux,  Linux vs. Windows, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and sex, novelty, best audio gear for podcasting, psychology, Free State Project, personal journeys to libertarianism, churches trying to “cure” homosexuality and porn “addiction”, Santorum, psyche meds, The Joy of Sex, the search for the clitoris vs. the state, guns, the Paleo Diet, the Monsanto Diet, and of course, WORMS!

For a while, Michael’s wife, DJ, joins the double-ender threesome, says some smart stuff about male strippers and bondage, and shows exactly why she and Stephanie have the most luxurious voices in podcasting.

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