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June 6th, 2013:

Hey, I am pod fading Anarchy Gumbo….I have gotten busier now that the Freedom Feens got on radio, and have a few other things that came up, so I really don’t have time to do a weekly Gumbo anymore.

I still may occasionally do an interview on the Gumbo, every few months or so, but I can’t do it weekly and have it be good, so I’d rather not try and half-ass it.

Thanks man!

Michael W. Dean


our old About page:

Welcome to the Anarchy Gumbo podcast. Michael W. Dean of the Freedom Feens cooks up a very special blend of liberty, guns, sex, rock and roll, drugs, and thriving in spite of the State in an increasingly worrying world.

All with a rotating cast of nifty guests who are also up in the middle of the night.

HOW DID THIS START AND WHAT IS IT? Hi! I’m Michael W. Dean. I do the twice-a-week Freedom Feens Podcast with Neema Vedadi. But I have insomnia. Even when I can sleep, it’s usually during the day. Neema works a day job and isn’t awake at 4 AM like me. So I started doing this additional cast, recording in the middle of the night with my peers and heroes. It’s sort of a solo project/supergroup.

The Anarchy Gumbo Podcast started on March 28, 2012, two days shy of The Freedom Feens’ first anniversary. The Feens is still my main baby. The Gumbo is just some part-time filthy whore on the side.

WHO DREW YOUR COOL SHRIMP HERO LOGO? That was done for me by E.s. Glenn. You can hire him. He’s great. He also did some of the cartoons featured in the Guns and Weed movie.

WHAT THE HELL IS A “KITTY FEET”? is the domain for The Anarchy Gumbo Podcast….But hmmmm, what does a kitty feet have to do with Anarchy Gumbo? Nothing. was the first domain I ever registered, back in 1996 when most people didn’t know what the Internet was. Kitty Feet didn’t mean anything in 1996 either, except that I love cats. Back then I used this domain mostly for trying different things and figuring out what to do with the Internet. By 2004 I left dormant and started about 30 other projects that each have a different domain. When I decided to start The Anarchy Gumbo Podcast, I didn’t feel like registering yet another domain, and I’d always wanted to do something interesting with since it has personal historical value to me.

DRUGS? I THOUGHT YOU WERE SOBER? I’ve been sober since 1994. But I think all drugs should be legal, I find drugs to be an interesting subject, and I learned a lot from drugs. So we talk about drugs.

CONTACT: Contact Michael by e-mail

WHO DOES YOUR MUSIC? – The nifty trip-hoppy music in the intro, outro, and bumps for Anarchy Gumbo are by Neema Vedadi, Michael’s co-host on the Freedom Feens Podcast.

BIO: Michael W. Dean was a handful at a very young age. He tested extremely high on aptitude tests, but was asked to leave his public school due to his very vocal hatred of authority figures. (Examples here, here, here, here and here.) He was later kicked out of the private all-boys Church Farm School for calling the headmaster a “fat, bald, overtly Christian old fart.” Michael flunked out of Jamestown Community College because he skipped too many classes “so I could go to the library and actually learn something.” Michael went on to direct the documentary films D.I.Y. Or Die: How To Survive as an Independent Artist and Hubert Selby Jr: It’ll Be Better Tomorrow (Narrated by Robert Downey, Jr.), and the art DVD Living Through Steve Diet Goedde. Michael is the author of the books $30 Film School, $30 Music School, $30 Writing School, Starving in the Company of Beautiful Women, The Simple Pleasures of a Complex Girl, and DIY NOW! Digital Audio. Michael played guitar in the early 80s hardcore punk band The Beef People. He sang and played bass in Baby Opaque and Bomb (Warner Brothers). He currently sings in the hardcore punk band Right Arm of Wyoming.

His latest written work is the libertarian self-help/time management book, A User’s Manual for the Human Experience. Michael W. Dean was a featured director and speaker at the 2005 Deauville Film Festival in France, and has toured Europe and America lecturing at colleges, museums and youth centers. He was a featured speaker at the Podcast and New Media Expo. Dean has been interviewed by NPR, BBC radio, and featured on NBC, VH1, and in Variety Magazine. Michael contributed to O’Reilly Media’s Digital Video Hacks book, edited O’Reilly’s DV Filmmaking: From Start to Finish by Ian Aronson, and wrote “MAKE a Mailbox Movie” in MAKE Magazine Volume 3. He co-authored (with Alan Lastufka) a book for O’Reilly called YouTube: An Insider’s Guide to Climbing the Charts. Michael stays up late, sleeps in late, and works at home as a writer and filmmaker. In 2009, he and his wife and cats moved from Los Angeles to Wyoming “to get away from it all.”

9 response to "The End of Anarchy Gumbo podcast"

  1. By: Beatin Lincoln Posted: June 21, 2013

    Hi Michael – listened to the podcast when you and Neema were soliciting ideas for this site. Suggest you might make it a real ‘gumbo’ where those ancaps who can’t/don’t post regular podcasts/interviews can submit content. Pepper it with some of your own selected interviews, shake on a little Ben Stone or pull occasional content from other casts you think warrant the exposure.

    Good luck

    • By: MichaelWDean Posted: June 21, 2013

      It’s a good idea, you mean like a wiki? The thing is, unless I had like ten solid people willing to admin/ maintain it, I’d end up having to constantly delete spam and, more so, “herd cats”, which would take up even more time than doing, editing and posting an audio interview once a week.

      You willing to volunteer to be one of those ten?

      We already have the Feens blog, which is collaborative. It’s not “anyone can post”, but we do have ten writers, and for the first six months of running it, it actually took up more of my time than writing a blog myself.

      Also, there’s also this already, The Daily Ancap, which rounds a lot of the good new ancap media every morning:


      • By: Beatin Lincoln Posted: June 21, 2013

        Thanks Michael – I’d be willing to help, but don’t want to over-promise. I’m crushed with work right now (like you) things should free up a little bit in the next 60 days. Happy to lend a hand.

        Not sure how much work it would be, but another thought is to have a platform like FTL’s news items and let people vote up what they think is the best pod content.

        Thanks for turning me on to that Ancap site. Very cool.

        Peace bra’

  2. By: David Wellbeloved Posted: April 16, 2013

    All my email to you bounces back and your facebook page is gone.
    What the fuck? Why are you so hard to get in touch with?

  3. By: Chris VanWell Posted: September 26, 2012


    I dig the podcast, I think the one with Eric S. Raymond was the best one yet, but I’m getting burned out on all the computer guy interviews. I’d really like to see an interview with Robb Wolf. Lew Rockwell interviewed him a month or so back, but he only talked Paleo Diet. I’d really like to see someone chat him up about more Liberty-type topics. He has a podcast with David Duley, The Controversial Truth, where they talk mostly economy and talk about how the government is broken.

    • By: MichaelWDean Posted: September 26, 2012

      Yeah, I’ll try to mix it up more Chris.

      Have you heard the other podcast I’m involved with? The FREEDOM FEENS Podcast is Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi’s fun ‘n’ feisty chat about market anarchy, the digital police state, self-defense, real money, activism, DIY media, sex pets and rock ‘n’ roll.


  4. By: MichaelWDean Posted: July 1, 2012

    I have. Though HD vastly opens up the venues, especially cable TV, that will want it, if it’s good.


  5. By: Lena Adams Posted: July 1, 2012

    Can I make a decent documentary film with mini dv rather than a HD Camera?

    • By: MichaelWDean Posted: September 26, 2012

      Of course. I did with my first two films.


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