Trippin With Bad Quaker

Michael W. Dean starts his first episode of his new hobby podcast by chatting at 3 AM with Ben Stone of Bad Quaker Podcast. Michael and Ben discuss psychedelics, the military, Frank Zappa, Jim Morrison, fed goons, anarchy, jury selection, civic duty, militias, false flags, head injuries, the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s and now, guns, dogs, cats, Owsley, the Grateful Dead, Marylin Manson and more.


  1. By: phil Posted: March 29, 2012

    Good stuff

  2. By: DocRokRx Posted: March 29, 2012

    i was born in a small town in NE OH amish country 🙂

  3. By: Mike DeLuna Posted: March 29, 2012

    I loved this podcast, as these are topics not usually discussed in other anarchist mediums. I have been reflecting a lot on my own youthful psychedelic experience and have to credit both Leary and Zappa for helping me deprogram my mind and reject the state.

  4. By: Illicit Shane Posted: March 28, 2012

    its like My 2 favorite podcasts in one

    • By: Anonymous Posted: March 28, 2012

      Haha…I was thinking about that when Ben was on the live FF.

  5. By: Ben Stone Posted: March 28, 2012

    LOL, sometimes I wake up feeling just like that picture.

  6. By: Garrett Fox Posted: March 28, 2012

    You guys are making we want to “Turn on, tune in and drop out”.

    • By: Garrett Fox Posted: March 28, 2012

      Loved it. You guys flow well and your voices are so calming. I should listen to this when i want to lay down and not watch a movie or read.

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