Michael Dean interviewed on charming Scottish podcast, Greening Out

Caity and Dan Greene, a young married couple from Glasgow, Scotland.

Michael W. Dean from the Freedom Feens on Greening Out podcast.

Show notes from the podcasters:

In this “teaching hospital” style episode of the podcast, we explore how Michael Dean has helped our audio by a million percent on, in our case, a dog food budget. We talk about podcasting, the great equipment we got on amazon.co.uk, the do’s and dont’s of audio recording, the TV show ‘Peep Show’, the film ‘Trainspotting’ , the shittiness of some courier delivery services, Law Enforcement Officers or ‘LEOs’, the council workers who police our behaviour when we are out and about minding our own business (who think they are actual police officers) , the gun laws in Scotland and how prohibition causes crime. Decriminalization vs legalization, the future of excellent quality liberty audio and who the “real people” are in the world of liberty, and of course: worms.


Software we used (all free):

Recorded on MP3 Skype Recorder

Edited on:Audacity (free recording and editing software)
MP3 Plugin For Audacity (needed to import and export MP3s)

The Gear we got on Michael’s advice:

1 response to "Michael Dean interviewed on charming Scottish podcast, Greening Out"

  1. By: Travis McQuivey Posted: November 12, 2014

    Thanks for helping out my friends at the Greening Out Podcast. They sound like a million quid now. WORMS!

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