MikeMakesRight and Michael W. Dean Poke The Hornet’s Nest.


MikeMakesRight and Michael W. Dean talk about the failure of central planning, why hippies from Bolinas California shouldn’t vote, the varied human journey to liberty, and what would happen if George Soros bought Northern California.

6 response to "MikeMakesRight and Michael W. Dean Poke The Hornet’s Nest."

  1. By: Bob Mulroy Posted: October 5, 2013

    Meh!! Noori Rappache, and Roony Mara were eighty-gazillion magnitudes hotter than you.

  2. By: Stacked Hats Posted: May 8, 2013

    I share MikeMakesRight’s disgust with progs. I’m embarrassed to admit I used to identify as one.

    Here is a motto that I think best fits their arrogance:

    “We are smarter than you, so sit down, shut up, and do as you are told”

  3. By: Jimmald Posted: May 7, 2013

    George Orwell started out as a socialist but soon began drifting rightward. I think if he had lived longer, he would have become a conservative…maybe even an anarchist.

    I was about to write that Hans-Hermann Hoppe lived in Las Vegas, NV. But his Wikipedia page says he now lives in Istanbul.

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