An Interview with the Guy who Invented “ROAAAAAAAAAADS!” as an Anti-Statist Picture Meme.


Michael W. Dean interviews his long-time in-person friend MikeMakesRight. Mike and Michael used to be neighbors, used to play in a band, and were important to each other in their development as non-statists and as all-around groovy human beings. Mike talks about libertarian weight lifting, why being religious about the Paleo Diet is silly, why all the libertarian and AnCap pundits aren’t in shape and should get in shape, recover from drugs and statism, the different between bow-tie academic libertarianism and krokodil-and-tranny-hooker street libertarianism, blood vengeance and dancing on the head of a pin, the Is–ought problem, why there may be no such thing as “rights”, Paul Bonneau, how the roads would work without a government, why people keep being statist; robot cars and how technology could save liberty if Richard Stallman would just get out of the way; and the care and feeding of, and the walking of, your cat.

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  1. By: Paul Bonneau Posted: April 13, 2013

    Thanks for the mention, Michael – although I don’t know if it’s a good thing for people to hear my ideas, heh.

    No doubt the state pays for the publishing of the state trooper magazine. Yeah, the free market wouldn’t support it.

    No future Republican president? When we already have one in office today? Who cares what label is attached to the ruling class’s front man?

    Great points about trigger foods. Kettle Chips are my problem. I have cut down but not eliminated wheat and sugar and I think that is a good idea. No way I will cut down on dairy though.

    On this business about NAP and principles, there is a tendency for people to admire physics and mathematics just because they are about hard and fast laws that are always true (well, until an Einstein comes along and overthrows everything…). This is also one reason Keynesianism has such appeal, because it indulges in quantifying human behavior and fiddling with meaningless formulae. Well, the human world is not that cut and dried. It’s not ones and zeros, or equations. It’s a mushy grey of traditions and inconsistent memes and relationships and so forth. For example, is it really possible to distinguish aggression from defense? Don’t they really shade into each other, at least in some cases?

    Philosophy tends to make my eyes glaze over. All philosophical concepts seem eventually to devolve into semantic arguments. I don’t like the man-falling-on-flagpole discussions because they aren’t human discussions, they are mathematical discussions, with no real human connection. They also make libertarians who indulge in them look like public masturbators. People should refrain from arguing that way – unless they don’t mind being known as public masturbators!

    To me, in the real (human) world, principles are like landmarks. They guide you the way you should go. They should not turn you into an automaton.

    Folks might want to look at my articles about rights to see where I’m coming from:

    There must be more but I can’t recall at the moment.

    My articles are collected here:

    About the doom and gloom, I wonder if Alex Jones is not doing the state’s work? Perhaps unconsciously, but hey it’s not a good thing to scare people and immobilize them. People are more powerful than they think.

    Mike is right about bypassing the state through technology. I should say though that the state per se does not bother me. How could it? Lots of people want the state. That’s not my business, is it? It’s their business. Anarchists should stop trying to eliminate the state, and focus on just getting the state’s boot off their own neck. A much easier thing to accomplish (although not easy!). Let the state fade away at its own speed.

    • By: MichaelWDean Posted: April 13, 2013

      Brilliant. Thank you Paul!

  2. By: Cliff Posted: April 10, 2013

    It was great to hear my two of favorite freedom lovin’ dudes getting down. Miss you guys. Sounds like you’re both doing well and that’s wicked awesome.

    Your Pal,

    Dusty Rooooaaaads

    • By: MichaelWDean Posted: April 10, 2013


      Hey Cliff! Are you living in France? Came up as a French i.p. address.


      • By: Cliff Posted: April 11, 2013

        Yep, France! Gay Paree. Not exactly living here but hanging out for a while.

    • By: Mike Makesright Posted: April 10, 2013

      Bonjour Cliff. Glad you popped in to say hello. – Mike

  3. By: xyz Posted: April 10, 2013

    What is the name of the documentary where Raymond asks Torvalds to go shooting?

    Thanks & Snails

  4. By: Michigan Escapee Posted: April 9, 2013

    They need orange vests, and at least one of them needs a reversible stop/slow sign. 😀

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