Davi Barker on the Emperor’s New Clothes That is The State


Michael W. Dean talks with writer/activist/artist/all-around good guy Davi Barker. Michael offers to get drunk with Davi, Davi says no. So they talk about vampires, zombies and the vampire/zombies that are statists. They discuss noise rock, punk rock, Davi’s book Voluntary Islam and Other Essays, Davi’s many projects, kitty cats, Angel in Heavy Syrup, the Nazi origins of the US Pledge of Allegiance, How to keep cats off your electronic gear for 8 dollars, and how Ben Stone came up with the important liberty concept of The State being different from The Government, and why we should spread that.

Davi Barker:

Marketing Agent for the Silver Circle Movie

Propagandist for the Vote 4 Nobody Campaign

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