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Ben Stone Grows Old Gracefully With Michael Dean.


Bad Quaker Ben Stone calls Michael on Ben’s 1879 Bell Telephone and they discuss out-of-body experiences, religion, deism, drugs, ancient technology, why attaining your life’s goals by 50 is better than attaining your life’s goals by 30, helping the next generation, the joys of squirrels, how Michael and Ben will likely reincarnate as squirrels, and why Michael and Ben have to keep doing what they’re doing when it would be easier to just watch squirrels.

(This episode done by phone, and released a few days early, since Ben can’t get a Bad Quaker episode up due to on-the-road Internet connection problems)

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5 thoughts on “Ben Stone Grows Old Gracefully With Michael Dean.

  1. i think he said JARTE

  2. Michael W. Dean on said:

    I think it was Open Office.

  3. I have a question.. I heard Ben reference a free word processor as an alternative to Microsoft. But I couldn’t make out what he said. What’s it called?

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