Neema Vedadi on the Bad Quaker Podcast


Ben Stone interviews Neema Vedadi on the Bad Quaker Podcast. They talk about how to get to LibPar, alternatives to government-monopoly law, and how the Feens are going to take over the media.

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  1. By: Mark Posted: February 2, 2013

    There’s two bearded anarchists… Does anybody know how many bearded anarchists are required to make a Critical Anarchical Total Mass for Unfettered Freedom? Or CATMUF, in abbreviated form.

    (I know, it’s not a perfect fit, but it’s about as clever as I get while waiting for my truck to get loaded.)

    But more seriously, Neema confirmed suspicions I’ve had about mainstream media.

    • By: MichaelWDean Posted: February 2, 2013


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