Michael W. Dean Yacks on Th’ Radio


Michael W. Dean yacks on Free Talk Live (call in) and on Freedom’s Phoenix (interview). Topics include RADIO!!!, BitTorrent, being drone proof, Wyoming gun laws, and reaching the world from your bedroom.

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  1. By: Mark Posted: January 19, 2013

    Did you consult the owners manual for that microphone to determine the correct nose per square inch pressure, or did you just wing it like an anarchist?

    • By: MichaelWDean Posted: January 19, 2013

      Well, I have to say, despite my appearances to the contrary sometimes, I AM a careful anarchist.

      The Shure Owners Manual says:

      B57aw x Ap x Wu x .0031 / = D.
      B57aw x Ap / Wu x 6.403 / = An.
      B57aw x Ap / Wu x .021 / = An.

      –B57aw = Weight of microphone in grams.

      –Ap = Atmospheric pressure in kilopascals.

      –Wu = Weight of user in Kilograms.

      –D = Distance microphone should be from face (in Centimeters)

      -H = Distance microphone should be above mouth (in Centimeters)

      With this formula, I came up with “at my nose.” It’s proper mic use.

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