Randall Perry Explains the New Normal

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Computer security expert Randall Perry tells Michael W. Dean where America’s headed….It’s basically a cross between Nazi Germany and the movie “Demolition Man.” He tells you how you can survive in the coming “new normal” where society is basically a bunch of 40-year-old virgins smiling in the concentration camp singing “I wish I were an Oscar Mayer Wiener.” Randall also gives some useful tips on how to keep free, how to keep your head down while standing out, and then explains why the Freedom Feens are basically doing God’s work, and why society hates them for that.


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  1. By: Michigan Escapee Posted: January 13, 2013

    Neat podcast. As to the cops without guns, it’s possible, they
    just change the bullets to packets encapsulated sedatives.
    Add in a tracking chip, and there’s no need to even take the
    person in.
    No need for jails, excessive force, etc. Might need someone to
    follow them and clean the drool off the streets though. 😉

    Your guest’s friend who worked with the central scrutinizer
    sounds a lot like some people I may or may not know. When
    they see enough things almost go completely to hell every
    day the idea of a free libertarian utopia sounds impossible,
    and a control freak statist regime sounds more and more

    Probably why people in those positions drink a lot, and off
    themselves at a much higher rate than everyone else. The
    world just starts to look worse and worse every day.

    They never get the idea that it’s one big feedback loop of hate,
    if someone works to break the loop, who can say what might
    happen ? Totally ripped that off from some Hindu friends
    by the way. 😀

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