Neema Vedadi on Ed and Ethan


Freedom Feen Neema Vedadi Skypes in from his windowless bunker cave and appears as a guest on the popular talk show Ed and Ethan. The topics are truth, justice and the Canadian way. “Two radio presenters have been chastised in the public sphere after making a prank phone call to a UK woman who then killed herself days later. Did they do anything wrong? A 13 year old boy in Quebec is being charged with sexual assault and even attempted murder. How does a free society deal with this? Snow tires! In Quebec, they are required by law and every winter, Canadians can be heard to muse about them. How does the free market encourage snow tire use if it’s needed?”

2 response to "Neema Vedadi on Ed and Ethan"

  1. By: Thane Eichenauer Posted: December 16, 2012

    This podcast was more interesting than I thought it was going to be.

  2. By: Mark Posted: December 15, 2012

    I discovered the Ed and Ethan podcast by way of Anarchy Gumbo when Michael was a guest on their show. I like hearing liberty podcasters appearing on each others shows. That allows cross-pollination of ideas, and expose people to liberty media they may not have heard of. I’m in Canada, but hadn’t heard Ed and Ethan before.

    Neema, as always, showed intelligence and thoughtfulness with his comments and questions. Listening to these people discussing issues from a liberty perspective made the border between Canada and the United States disappear for a while.

    Nicely done, Neema.

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