Mojo Nixon Talks About Hookers, Worms, Speed, and Anarchy.

Freedom Feen Michael W. Dean chats with rock legend Mojo Nixon about crack, Mad Dog 20 20, why prostitution and drugs should be completely legal, Jello Biafra, Viagra, paying for pussy, marriage, Wyoming, guns, arrows, anti-copyright, Mojo in the movie Great Balls of Fire, Elvis is Everywhere, Debbie Gibson, Redneck Rampage, Root hog or die, Triple X Management, Charlie Brown, Tom Howard, Danville Virginia, $30 Music School, helmet laws are dumb, Dead Kennedys, Baby Opaque, the electoral college, Abbie Hoffman, Steal This Book, Arlo Guthrie, Alice’s Restaurant, Sex Pistols, Dead Boys, Pat Buchannan, CNN’s Crossfire, Sirius Satellite XM Radio, DBX, ISDN lines, microphones for talk radio, Manifold Destiny, being naked in San Francisco and Wyoming, why speed limits are dumb, half measures, taxing pot, and the eternal question: what’s better cats or dogs?

3 response to "Mojo Nixon Talks About Hookers, Worms, Speed, and Anarchy."

  1. By: Michigan Escapee Posted: December 10, 2012

    Totally awesome, now if you could just get the Dead Milkmen, before they all die, or something. 😀

    Or Julie Brown of “The Homecoming Queen has a Gun” fame. Don’t care if she’s libertarian or not, she’s awesomely
    crazy. 😉

    I suppose it’s a shame most kids never heard of Dr Demento,
    or all the crazy artists that only really got radio play on his

    “Sister Mary Elephant” always seems to get laughs from 20-30
    something teachers in urban areas. You tell em Cheech and
    Chong put out records(yeah, those round things), and they
    look at you like you’re from Mars. lol.

  2. By: Darwin Smith Posted: December 8, 2012

    That so didn’t feel like an hour. Ten minutes, tops. Yet I look at the time on my MP3 player, and yep. An hour. The man’s got a crazy, infectious energy that drags you kicking and screaming up to his level. The bit about wanting “inflammatory” pain relievers almost made me paint my monitor with my coffee.

  3. By: Mark Posted: December 8, 2012


    That was a a great interview. I can see why you wanted him on your show.

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