Michael W. Dean on Freedom Experiment Podcast.

Michael W. Dean is the guest on an episode of Rodney Smith’s new podcast, The Freedom Experiment. Topics include: The Non-Aggression Principle, teaching the slaves how to read, teaching liberty as a mission, why all Democracies fail, how Horizontal Enforcement helps Democracies fail (while making the process painful for everyone), how all laws are enforced at the barrel of a gun, how all taxes are collected at the barrel of a gun, gun laws and pot laws and the big States’ rights battle ahead, audio tips for podcasters, and a bunch of hope for the future.

3 response to "Michael W. Dean on Freedom Experiment Podcast."

  1. By: MichaelWDean Posted: December 2, 2012


  2. By: Thane Eichenauer Posted: December 2, 2012

    I listened to this episode. I will have to re-listen to it as I missed the segment on Horizontal Enforcement.

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