Dick Dale Drops Mad Science About How the Universe Works, Part 2 of 3

Michael W. Dean calls surf guitar king Dick Dale on the phone, asks him three questions and Dick Dale talks for two hours and 20 minutes.

This is part two of this three-part interview. Part three of will post here next week, because you’re going to need time to digest each part. Too much at once might overwhelm ya’. Seriously. IF YOU HAVEN’T LISTENED TO PART ONE, I RECOMMEND YOU GO HERE and check it out before listening to part two.

Dick Dale talks here about his birthplace and lineage, middle-eastern influences on surf guitar, the role of art in bringing world peace, why politicians get it wrong, the healing power of music, how music can unite people from all walks of life, music and sex, music IS sex, why Dick Dale could have drum solos in clubs where drum solos were forbidden, Hendrix’s “You’ll never hear surf music again….”, Dick Dale’s advice for musicians, the decline of the American legal system, why Dick Dale is anti-drug, medical marijuana and cancer, alternative treatments for cancer and other illnesses, surviving cancer, and the value of never missing a show.

As masterful and influential as Dick Dale is on guitar, guitar is a tiny bit of what this guy is all about. Guitar is only a delivery mechanism for the many many things Dick Dale does and is here on this planet to do.

Part three of the interview is HERE.



3 response to "Dick Dale Drops Mad Science About How the Universe Works, Part 2 of 3"

  1. By: isaac Posted: October 22, 2012

    Great interview but the “kill drug users” thing was shocking to hear from Dick Dale. Some of hte bset music on this planet was created “under the influence”, not to mention all the libertarian objections to agression. I have a feeling Mr Dale is just from a different time.


    • By: ev Posted: May 18, 2013

      “under the influence” does not mean they were necessary. drugs and alchool are good but experiencing the same stuff on your own is more intense.

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