Envisioning LibPar Into Being With Cartoonist Scott Bieser

Neema Vedadi talks of the wonders of the future with graphic novelist Scott Bieser. They explore why frontiers make men free, places we can go for freedom, why Sci-Fi writers love space, Scott’s stint at a newspaper and why he left the mainstream media early. Of course there is also lots of great stuff about Quantum Vibe; Scott’s amazing web comic series.

Above 2009 photo of Scott Bieser and Michael W. Dean taken by Anthony Bouchard.

5 response to "Envisioning LibPar Into Being With Cartoonist Scott Bieser"

  1. By: Sean Posted: November 1, 2012

    I’ve never been able to get into comics or graphic novels, not even ones that I really wanted to read. In two days, I’ve read 250 pages of Quantum Vibe. I can’t get enough. Great stuff, great story and great characters.

  2. By: Risto Posted: October 20, 2012

    Somehow I can’t see no mp3 player nor the download link in this blog post

    • By: MichaelWDean Posted: October 20, 2012

      fixed it.

      Thank you!


  3. By: Sean Posted: October 17, 2012

    A really great interview Neema. I haven’t yet read any of Scott’s stuff yet, but I think I will start tonight. I read the Probability Broach novel, and now I’m convinced that the graphic novel will be just as good. Thanks Man.

  4. By: David MN Posted: October 17, 2012

    The best question and answer combo in liberty media revolving around the concept of frontier liberty. Why not live under the sea? Please listen for a great answer, I wouldn’t spoil it. When you hear a great question and a reply so natural and off the cuff that leaves no room for “but hey” you know you have interview gold. Cheers, to a great interview. I’m not a fan of graphic novels (comic books in my day) but I really found value in some of the Libpar insights. Kind of like enjoying the live show from a band you wouldn’t normally listen to. Keep them coming, I think bouncing back and forth between MWD and Neema brings a new element to the podcast. Now I’m curious for the next guest / interviewer combo. Perhaps you could take turns interviewing the same person? I feel a real difference in style that could bring more listeners. Keep up the great work!

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