The Lost First Feens Episode

What a long strange Feen it’s been……

Neema Vedadi and I have been talking a lot on on the cast lately about the “lost first Neema and Michael podcast episode.” We’ve been speaking of it in hushed tones as if it’s a lost ancient scroll of hidden knowledge. Here’s the back story:

I’ve been podcasting since shortly after podcasting existed, I was a first-adopter. My wife and I started doing a kink podcast called “Submission and Coffee” in 2006, it ran more than weekly for over two years with 184 episodes. After that, I started doing a general-interest podcast called “Clone The Homeless.” Then I did an occasional general-interest podcast with my wife called “Radio Free Nestlandia” (“Nestlandia” is what we call our home, i.e. “the Nest.” Nestlandia is an imaginary micronation, a nation of two.)

Most of this stuff is gone. I don’t even have copies of a lot of it. Some of it was good, some of it was so-so, but I hadn’t yet achieved the sense of purpose I have with the Feens that makes me want to have everyone in the world archive and torrent it 24/7/365, forever. I was allowed to make mistakes and grow, and fortunately not a lot of it is still around. But Neema and I really wanted to find that one Nestlandia episode with Neema, me and DJ, which really is the first Freedom Feens episode in a way. And Tim Stanley heard us talking about it, still had it, and sent it to me! (And DJ was the “third Feen” from day one.)

So, (I’m cringing a little, but….) get the episode, “Neema V Tells You How to Thrive in the Coming Collapse”, HERE.

(Interestingly, there was a numbering mistake in the actual Feens episodes, there is no episode 29, it jumps from 28 to 30. But now that we have the first show we did, I’d say this fixes the numbering issue caused by the missing episode 29.)

I can’t believe some of the shit I said in this. Though there are two really funny parts to me, both at the start: Me not knowing how to pronounce Neema’s last name (we’d just met him, this was maybe the second time we hung out with him.) Also hilarious is that Neema says “Find me on MySpace.” Also, at the end there’s an ad for DreamHost, who I do NOT recommend now. And at the end there’s also a copyright notice. I don’t do that anymore. (I usually do Creative Commons Attribution-share alike 3.0 on my media these days.)

This episode is from early 2010. It’s embarrassing to me, I’m VERY statist in it. I was a “small-government Constitutionalist”, and working with the Republican Liberty Caucus. But I guess that just shows how far one can go and grow in two-and-a-half years. Also, the audio isn’t very good, it really does sound like it’s recorded in a windowless bunker.

I guess live and learn and grow, on both counts.

–Michael W. Dean

2 response to "The Lost First Feens Episode"

  1. By: voodoo Posted: September 29, 2012

    Yeehaw. Once again the pseudo-joke holds true.

    What is the difference between a libertarian and an anarchist?

    6 months if you are paying attention.

  2. By: James Davis Posted: September 28, 2012

    Wow, dude! I was thinking about where I was 3 or 4 years ago – insufferable Democrat attending Obama’s inauguration and chanting, “USA! USA!” And I hear this podcast where you are scolding Neema about how spanking is the best and how people should only be able to own guns that defend themselves from a single aggressor.

    It’s amazing what smart people can do with good ideas. I would have listened that pod in 2009 and wanted to take your guns and your drugs. And now we see eye to eye on essentially every idea of liberty. The ideas are just so powerful. It gives me hope… I mean, critical thinkers just have to come to the ideas of liberty when properly exposed, right? How is any other outcome possible?

    I really do think that, 5-10 years from now we’ll look back at the time around 2010-2012 Ron Paul campaign as when “liberty became cool.” In the Market for Liberty, they describe how the ONLY way liberty can win is through the proliferation of good ideas. We’ve all seen first hand how a good idea can wash over you when it’s presented properly… and I actually think posting this pod can give non-liberty minded folks a chance to reconsider their views.

    I’m currently involved in a ridiculous facebook debate about this stuff, and it’s assumed that I’ve always been some sort of “radical.” I haven’t been.. I was your run of the mill statist for my whole life until 3 years ago. And it sounds like you were too.. So if people think MWD is smart, and find themselves agreeing with him in this old podcast.. just know that 2-3 years from now, if you keep getting exposed to the ideas of liberty, chances are you’ll look back on this podcast and cringe, too.

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