Why Muslims Should be Libertarian.

Neema Vedadi interviews Will Coley, Director of Muslims for Liberty. Coley is a self-described redneck from Tennessee who converted to Islam years ago. Coley says his study of Islamic law, including sound money and free trade brought him to Libertarianism. He explains why Sharia is not a threat and makes the case that true Islam allows for private law, competing court systems, and a voluntary society. Will takes down anti-Muslim hype with history and logic. The two also discuss American Foreign policy, why Muslims are sick of the Republicans and Democrats, and if we’re doomed to suffer the state forever.


5 response to "Why Muslims Should be Libertarian."

  1. By: Michigan Escapee Posted: September 11, 2012

    Love it, redneck muslims. He’s laying it on a bit thick
    with the arabic throat clearing after mentioning Mohammed.
    Generally only TV preachers do that. 😀 Otherwise, a few
    times here and there, or to fill space instead of saying “um”
    is the norm. 😉

    Lots of arabic influence in America prior to the big dustup
    following the Iranian revolution. The best evidence would be
    the amusingly named town of Elkader, Ia, which sounds like
    a redneck pronunciation of Al Queda.

  2. By: S.A Posted: September 9, 2012

    The main difference between Shia and Sunni is that There is no Khalifa in Shia. But i believe the the main conflict is in personalities like Omar al-khatab, Which because he attacked iran and took many iranians as slave, In mind of people here The Evil One but Sunnis see him as a saint. You know what There are quite a lot of differences between Shias and sunnis but it’s not like they can’t tolerate each other. I know many people (christians and jews) here who Name their business a christian or a jewish name when you ask them why, they say because people come to my business more, So it’s all about people not the religion itself.
    But all that said i think classic religiosity is dying, At least here in Iran, In our neighborhood in Tehran which is the size of Manhattan maybe bigger there is No mosques the closest mosque to us is always empty no-one goes to prey there. And People are beginning to see through establishment religion.

  3. By: MichaelWDean Posted: September 8, 2012

    Great interview guys! Big ups to Will and Neema for this. I wish everyone in America could hear this interview.

    When you were talking about the possible influence of Islam on The US Constitution, I was surprised no one brought up the fact that Thomas Jefferson owned a Quran. US Congressman Keith Ellison used Jefferson’s copy when he swore in as a Congressman.


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