Nikki Darling Talks About Porn, Liberty, and Laughing at Statists.

Nikki Darling sits down for some tasty gumbo with Michael W. Dean and they talk about activism, what kind of porn she likes, agorism, getting set up by the Man, the setbacks of representing yourself in court, 50 cal guns, making jewelry, the joys of PorcFest, eCiggs, the lung drive, really really filthy porn, gateway drug theory with drugs and porn and why that’s bunk, Bad Quaker, Ron Paul’s freakin’ giant, copper rounds and the pretty fires they make, BitCoins, silver dime cards, QR cards, filthy crust punks and the punkers who love them, liberty in the DC area, Maryland’s shitty gun laws, arming peasants in Darfur, Doug Stanhope, Alex Jones as a gateway drug to liberty, and dealing with statist parents and friends.

This episode was recorded on June 27th.

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