Jim Object Flips Off Stacy Litz, from Central America.

Jim Object's real name

Jim Object takes time from his busy travel schedule to talk with Michael W. Dean about shooting dope while attending Harvard, how to NOT rat out your friends (i.e. how to NOT be Stacy Litz), commie anarchists, Georgism, sex with trannies, the unbridled joys of drug abuse, the Trumbleplex, Larken Rose, zoning laws, mutualism, anarcho-capitalism, eminent domain, Jim Bell, finding liberation through kinky sex, and life underground.



1 response to "Jim Object Flips Off Stacy Litz, from Central America."

  1. By: Michigan Escapee Posted: July 24, 2012

    Yeah, D town, represent!! 😉

    Pretty cool interview. Now you just need to interview
    someone from Flint, Mi to get an alternate perspective
    on anarchy in a failed state. 😀

    You could always hit up Reginald Kaigler (DEMCAD)
    if you needed to fill up a few hours. Probably too brainy
    though, and too square (he’s a CJ grad) for people wanting
    more sex, drugs, rock and roll.

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