Attorney Randy England, Ex-Prosecutor, Talks About Liberty, Tyranny and The Law.

Attorney and author Randy England, an ex-prosecutor, sits down with Michael W. Dean and talks about the journey from prosecutor to philosophical anarchist. Topics include the value of jury nullification, the dangers of “never take a plea”, the pitfalls of representing yourself (and why even lawyers won’t do that, if they’re smart); the lunacy of sovereign citizen “magic words” and why they don’t work, how guns are good, the absolutely lunacy of the drug war, how the law works, thoughts on “shoot or don’t shoot” if someone kicks in your door and yells “POLICE!” in the middle of the night, why he didn’t push for no-knock drug warrants as a prosecutor, how to stay out of jail, why our criminal justice system doesn’t offer any restitution to the victim, how law could work and be more fair in the absence of government, what lawyers can do and don’t do in today’s world, and why Catholics should become libertarians.

Randy’s criminal Defense Blog:

Randy’s book, FREE IS BEAUTIFUL: Why Catholics Should Be Libertarian:

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