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Justin Longo Explains How to Turn Hippie Statists Into Libertarians

Justin Longo speaks

Justin Longo, co-founder of Liberty On The Rocks and editor of Complete Colorado talks with Michael W. Dean about striking the root, raw milk, non-aggression, face-to-face activism, and having discussions with statists that end with them wanting to learn more, rather than screaming “Well, why don’t you just move to Somalia!”

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6 thoughts on “Justin Longo Explains How to Turn Hippie Statists Into Libertarians

  1. Imrie Schroer on said:

    Terrific show. Now that I’m registered and will be getting e-mails from ya’ll; I’m looking forward to participating when you’re on live.

  2. Solid interview. Not surprising though considering who was involved!

    • MichaelWDean on said:

      Cool, Pete. Hey when you wanna be on here?

      We did a shoutout to copblock in the Soylent Feen episode of Freedom Feens, if you get a chance to hear it.


  3. Derek (mrabstracto) on said:

    Love to hear a fellow Coloradoan speak some truth!

  4. MichaelWDean on said:

    Glad you liked it! I really dug him too.


  5. libertymoot on said:

    never heard of this justin longo guy before, love his perspective, thanks for having him on michael!

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