Educator James Davis on Children and the Non-Aggression Principle

Educator James Davis on Children and the Non-Aggression Principle

Michael W. Dean talks with his friend James Davis about raising happy healthy kids with the non-aggression principle. James runs a camp for kids that is based on the non-aggression principle, and has some amazing ideas about children. He believes children really are the future, but he walks his talk, not just with his own son, but with running the non-aggressionest place on earth. He talks about “was Christ a socialist?”, why kids can handle weapons, and then James cheerfully answers the question: “Is there hope for the future?”

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  1. By: Voluntary Joe Posted: May 9, 2012

    Regarding “Render therefore to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s; and to God, the things that are God’s,” the easiest explanation of this comes down to what both Jesus and his questioners knew–according to their religious tradition, EVERYTHING belongs to God and so by implication, logically, nothing truly belonged to Caesar.

    This little article explains more and in greater detail:

  2. By: Wayd Posted: May 8, 2012

    Good stuff.

    James seems to be a really down to earth genuine guy.

    I would also like to here from him and Stephan in 10 years on parenting. Or from Stephanie when she has actual experience in that area, other than “being a kid once herself”.

    Although I have no children of my own and never will, I do have 3, soon to be 4, step grand children, so I find the topic of non-aggression child rearing very interesting.

    I think having one child to raise in a non-aggressive manner is a whole different ball game than having two or more close in age.

    I wonder how advocates of non-aggression parenting would “moderate” when a 2 year old boy aggresses against (bits) his 4 year old sister?
    Or is that like asking an anarchist, “how would society work without the State”?
    In a parenting situation, you can’t just send the aggressive child who doesn’t respond to “moderation” home from camp.

    Humans are animals. Humans are born with certain instincts. Sometimes just like any other animal one of those instincts is aggression. I believe it is best to teach children to control this instinct, but not sure of the best way.

    Most humans are also born with a pain mechanism, so we learn to stop doing things that if we continue to do would or could cause more harm or death.
    Is it not natural to make use of this built in teaching mechanism when child rearing?

    Just thinkin’ out loud.

    Thanks Michael for the show.

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