The Guns And Weed Lobbyist, Richard Feldman, Esq.

The Guns And Weed Lobbyist, Richard Feldman, Esq.

Michael W. Dean talks with the guns and weed lobbyist, Richard Feldman, Esq. Richard is an ex-NRA lobbyist and he’s the reason your new gun comes with a trigger lock. He’s now the head of a new gun rights group called Independent Firearm Owners of America. They are the only gun-rights group that is openly against the War on Drugs. Here Richard drops mad science and waxes poetic about target shooting with Ronald Reagan, negotiating with Rahm Emanuel, partying with Bill Clinton, the encroachment of government, the racist roots of gun control and drug laws, sniper rifles, how many guns is too many guns? (Richard has 140 guns), New Hampshire, open carry, llamas, wild beasts, Free State Project, what to do with your unneeded trigger locks, and when it’s time to actually use your guns.

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  1. By: MichaelWDean Posted: May 2, 2012


    all good points.

    And I don’t agree with him anywhere near 100% on everything either. I don’t have to agree 100% with someone to interview them, and I enjoyed doing the interview. I think it has historical value.


  2. By: Paul Bonneau Posted: May 2, 2012

    Good interview, Michael.

    I have to take issue with one point Feldman made. He said that as soon as you start talking about what features a gun may legitimately have, you’ve lost the debate (paraphrasing here). I agree with that. But how is that argument different from this one: as soon as you start talking about WHO may have a firearm, you’ve lost the debate? It is exactly the same thing. You’ve compromised a fundamental point. Do you think the government will stop at denying firearms only to bad people? Do you really think individuals in government have any interest in denying guns to criminals in any truly effective way? (Theft now makes such prohibitions nothing but security theatre, where criminals are concerned.) Government never solves problems, as that would put them out of work. Government manages problems – always with their own interests in mind.

    Anyway, even convicted felons have a right to life. As Feldman pointed out, that necessarily implies a right to the tools for defending that life.

    Actually the museum in Cody is called the Buffalo Bill Historical Center.

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