Kelly Voluntaryist Talks About Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll

Kelly Voluntaryist airport panties

Kelly Voluntaryist talks about sex, drugs, rock ‘n’ roll, being at the airport in panties, the TSA, Ted Nugent, guns, New Hampshire, why she joined the Free State Project, Free Keene, 420, and a bunch of other nifty things. Ian Freeman of Free Talk Live joins in a bit.

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  1. By: Chris Posted: May 5, 2012

    I have to agree with Wayd on this one, Michael. I actually abandoned the podcast about 30 minutes into it.

    Kelly certainly contradicted herself a couple of times. She stated that self defense was “moral” but she didn’t know if she would defend herself if attacked. Why? If one considers an action “moral” then why wouldn’t you defend yourself? And I don’t know if I would even hang a value judgement on self defense–it is what it is.

    She went on to say that the Jews in Germany may have been too pacifistic, and that they should have fought back. Which brings up an interesting question–why would she advocate for the collective to fight back, but she, the individual, wonders what she would do in a situation where her own life was in danger.

    Now, here’s where I think she has it perfectly inverted.

    The people that rounded up the Jews were more than likely “just following orders”, and if WWII would have never happened they would probably just be your normal everyday people walking the street. They were following orders they /believed/ to be legit; they were part of an idea. The thug on the street that attacks you has made the decision to /actually/ become a thug.

    The /idea/ of The State can only be fought with ideas, and non-violent resistance against The State means something much more than non-violent resistance to the common street thug.

    If you were to die at the hands of The State, then perhaps you may be a martyr, but if you die at the hands of a common thug, you are just dead, and for what?

    Michael, I know your aim here is to have a conversation, but you are a logical thinker, and when stuff like this comes up, maybe a little Socratic drilling should be in order. Dangerous philosophy is, well, dangerous. Any philosophy that is anti-human is doomed to fail. Period.

  2. By: Wayd Posted: May 1, 2012

    This is an hour and fifteen minutes?…………Please tell me it gets better…….. after the first 20 minutes I was about ready to throw chunks and had to turn it off.

    She is trying way too hard to be a pacifist. What she says without thinking about it (actually believes) totally contradicts what she is trying so hard to tell herself and other she believes.

    She would really like to think (or get to the point in her pacifism) that if attacked she would not defend herself, one minute, with a lot of hemming and hawing along the way.
    Then later she just blurts out that she thinks the Jews in Nazi Germany should have fought back.

    Hell, I’ve become more at peace, less angry, more pacifistic, laid back, cool headed, non violent……….since I quit fighting my natural instincts…………just giving up / letting go of, what little statism Public Indoctrination was actually able to instill in me. Still got my natural instinct of self preservation though.

    Fighting ones natural animal instinct to life and defense of ones own life (becoming a pacifistic, who would hope to curl up in a ball if attacked, through study and self indoctrination) may well lead to other personal conflict and problems. But that’s just my opinion at the moment.

    It takes all kinds………… each his own.

  3. By: Voluntary Joe Posted: April 27, 2012

    I think Dylan wrote that song.

  4. By: Voluntary Joe Posted: April 27, 2012

    I, for some reason, LOLD hard when Ian popped in like it was FTL.

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