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Doing promos for radio station affiliates of your syndicated show


On this the Final Anarchy Gumbo episode, Michael W. Dean explains the value of, and then plays some, promos and liners for Freedom Feens radio station affiliates. This is something you do for free for stations, and you should do it well and promptly.

The Gumbo will still very occasionally have new episodes, but no longer weekly, as MWD is too busy working on his lifelong dream of RADIOOOOOOOOOO!

June 6th, 2013:

Hey, I am pod fading Anarchy Gumbo….I have gotten busier now that the Freedom Feens got on radio, and have a few other things that came up, so I really don’t have time to do a weekly Gumbo anymore.

I still may occasionally do an interview on the Gumbo, every few months or so, but I can’t do it weekly and have it be good, so I’d rather not try and half-ass it.

Thanks man!

Michael W. Dean

The Feens Explain Feendom to the Libertarian Party


The Freedom Feens do a remote Skype Q&A after a showing of Guns and Weed: the Road to Freedom at the Pennsylvania Libertarian Party convention. Larken Rose and Jim Bovard are in attendance, which is hella cool. This is the audio of the video chat.

Tests of the new version of Mumble with Opus Codec


Quick and dirty test with the Feens and Ben Stone the Bad Quaker. Dig it man. Worms.

Get Mumble 1.2.4 here.

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