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Behringer XENYX mixer compressor tests


Short audio tests using on-board compressor on Xenyx mixer. Conclusion is that for Neema doing talk radio over Audio Compass, a setting of barely on (at 8 o’clock) is better than a higher amount, and better than no compression.

Mixer is a a Behringer XENYX X2442USB Premium 24-Input 4/2-Bus Mixer (get it HERE).

James Davis on Why Education Needs More Mud.


Michael W. Dean chats with alternative educator James Davis about how to raise kids up right and how to spread that to the world.

James runs a camp for kids that is based on the non-aggression principle.

Check out he and his wife’s blog, for more.

An Interview with the Guy who Invented “ROAAAAAAAAAADS!” as an Anti-Statist Picture Meme.


Michael W. Dean interviews his long-time in-person friend MikeMakesRight. Mike and Michael used to be neighbors, used to play in a band, and were important to each other in their development as non-statists and as all-around groovy human beings. Mike talks about libertarian weight lifting, why being religious about the Paleo Diet is silly, why all the libertarian and AnCap pundits aren’t in shape and should get in shape, recover from drugs and statism, the different between bow-tie academic libertarianism and krokodil-and-tranny-hooker street libertarianism, blood vengeance and dancing on the head of a pin, the Is–ought problem, why there may be no such thing as “rights”, Paul Bonneau, how the roads would work without a government, why people keep being statist; robot cars and how technology could save liberty if Richard Stallman would just get out of the way; and the care and feeding of, and the walking of, your cat.

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