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Moral Relativism Leads to Democide


Neema Vedadi preaches the Feen Canon on Rodney Smith’s new podcast, The Freedom Experiment show. They explore the concept of moral relativism and Neema posits that Statist ideology is inherently flawed because moral relativism is the root of it. Neema tells stories of how this affected his stint as a TV reporter. They also grapple with how to explain anarchy to those who get benefits from government programs.

Christian Seger on The Butthole Surfers, Goat Cheese and the State


Christian Seger of Blue Heron Farm talks about his time touring doing sound for the Butthole Surfers (and Lynyrd Skynyrd), raising healthy goats and making excellent goat cheese, and the State’s attempts to make that difficult.

Neema Vedadi on Ed and Ethan


Freedom Feen Neema Vedadi Skypes in from his windowless bunker cave and appears as a guest on the popular talk show Ed and Ethan. The topics are truth, justice and the Canadian way. “Two radio presenters have been chastised in the public sphere after making a prank phone call to a UK woman who then killed herself days later. Did they do anything wrong? A 13 year old boy in Quebec is being charged with sexual assault and even attempted murder. How does a free society deal with this? Snow tires! In Quebec, they are required by law and every winter, Canadians can be heard to muse about them. How does the free market encourage snow tire use if it’s needed?”

Mojo Nixon Talks About Hookers, Worms, Speed, and Anarchy.

Freedom Feen Michael W. Dean chats with rock legend Mojo Nixon about crack, Mad Dog 20 20, why prostitution and drugs should be completely legal, Jello Biafra, Viagra, paying for pussy, marriage, Wyoming, guns, arrows, anti-copyright, Mojo in the movie Great Balls of Fire, Elvis is Everywhere, Debbie Gibson, Redneck Rampage, Root hog or die, Triple X Management, Charlie Brown, Tom Howard, Danville Virginia, $30 Music School, helmet laws are dumb, Dead Kennedys, Baby Opaque, the electoral college, Abbie Hoffman, Steal This Book, Arlo Guthrie, Alice’s Restaurant, Sex Pistols, Dead Boys, Pat Buchannan, CNN’s Crossfire, Sirius Satellite XM Radio, DBX, ISDN lines, microphones for talk radio, Manifold Destiny, being naked in San Francisco and Wyoming, why speed limits are dumb, half measures, taxing pot, and the eternal question: what’s better cats or dogs?

Michael W. Dean on Freedom Experiment Podcast.

Michael W. Dean is the guest on an episode of Rodney Smith’s new podcast, The Freedom Experiment. Topics include: The Non-Aggression Principle, teaching the slaves how to read, teaching liberty as a mission, why all Democracies fail, how Horizontal Enforcement helps Democracies fail (while making the process painful for everyone), how all laws are enforced at the barrel of a gun, how all taxes are collected at the barrel of a gun, gun laws and pot laws and the big States’ rights battle ahead, audio tips for podcasters, and a bunch of hope for the future.

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