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The Lost First Feens Episode

What a long strange Feen it’s been……

Neema Vedadi and I have been talking a lot on on the cast lately about the “lost first Neema and Michael podcast episode.” We’ve been speaking of it in hushed tones as if it’s a lost ancient scroll of hidden knowledge. Here’s the back story:

I’ve been podcasting since shortly after podcasting existed, I was a first-adopter. My wife and I started doing a kink podcast called “Submission and Coffee” in 2006, it ran more than weekly for over two years with 184 episodes. After that, I started doing a general-interest podcast called “Clone The Homeless.” Then I did an occasional general-interest podcast with my wife called “Radio Free Nestlandia” (“Nestlandia” is what we call our home, i.e. “the Nest.” Nestlandia is an imaginary micronation, a nation of two.)

Most of this stuff is gone. I don’t even have copies of a lot of it. Some of it was good, some of it was so-so, but I hadn’t yet achieved the sense of purpose I have with the Feens that makes me want to have everyone in the world archive and torrent it 24/7/365, forever. I was allowed to make mistakes and grow, and fortunately not a lot of it is still around. But Neema and I really wanted to find that one Nestlandia episode with Neema, me and DJ, which really is the first Freedom Feens episode in a way. And Tim Stanley heard us talking about it, still had it, and sent it to me! (And DJ was the “third Feen” from day one.)

So, (I’m cringing a little, but….) get the episode, “Neema V Tells You How to Thrive in the Coming Collapse”, HERE.

(Interestingly, there was a numbering mistake in the actual Feens episodes, there is no episode 29, it jumps from 28 to 30. But now that we have the first show we did, I’d say this fixes the numbering issue caused by the missing episode 29.)

I can’t believe some of the shit I said in this. Though there are two really funny parts to me, both at the start: Me not knowing how to pronounce Neema’s last name (we’d just met him, this was maybe the second time we hung out with him.) Also hilarious is that Neema says “Find me on MySpace.” Also, at the end there’s an ad for DreamHost, who I do NOT recommend now. And at the end there’s also a copyright notice. I don’t do that anymore. (I usually do Creative Commons Attribution-share alike 3.0 on my media these days.)

This episode is from early 2010. It’s embarrassing to me, I’m VERY statist in it. I was a “small-government Constitutionalist”, and working with the Republican Liberty Caucus. But I guess that just shows how far one can go and grow in two-and-a-half years. Also, the audio isn’t very good, it really does sound like it’s recorded in a windowless bunker.

I guess live and learn and grow, on both counts.

–Michael W. Dean

Eric S. Raymond, father of the Open-Source Movement, talks about computers, guns and liberty.

Eric S. Raymond put his anarcho-capitalist ideas into action when he formed the Open-Source Software Movement. This movement helped influence many aspects of today’s world, from Linux to Creative Commons to file sharing, Netscape/Firefox, Wikipedia, Social Networking, blogs, podcasting, open Internet telephony, and the very underlying methodology of how the Internet works. Here Michael W. Dean talks with Eric about all that, as well as about guns, statism, i.p. laws, copyright, Stefan Molyneux, martial arts and even cats.

Eric’s blog

Eric’s website.

Eric’s essay The Cathedral and the Bazaar (text HERE.)

Eric’s essay Homesteading the Noosphere

Revolution OS documentary film.

David Crowley, Director Of Gray State Movie Talks Filmmaking, Armageddon and Hope.

David Crowley and Michael W. Dean (from the Freedom Feens radio show) talk about Gray State, frame rates, what makes an actor great, the end of the world, citizen riflemanship, FEMA camps, Alex Jones, 1080p 24 FPS film look, compositing, the military, Prince, not selling yourself short as simply a “hometown hero”, always carrying a gun, 3D modeling, Maya, editing software, freedom, telling your own version of truth, dealing with instance people’s criticism, having enemies from making films, being called a COINTELPRO agent, hope, what the future holds and how we can help it.

Why Muslims Should be Libertarian.

Neema Vedadi interviews Will Coley, Director of Muslims for Liberty. Coley is a self-described redneck from Tennessee who converted to Islam years ago. Coley says his study of Islamic law, including sound money and free trade brought him to Libertarianism. He explains why Sharia is not a threat and makes the case that true Islam allows for private law, competing court systems, and a voluntary society. Will takes down anti-Muslim hype with history and logic. The two also discuss American Foreign policy, why Muslims are sick of the Republicans and Democrats, and if we’re doomed to suffer the state forever.


Smuggler Talks About Second Realm and Computer Security in an Unsecure World

A good primer on an-cap liberty, as well as an overview of tradecraft and strategy for avoiding coercion by creating temporary and permanent autonomous zones, both in the meat space, and in the computing world. Smuggler talks with Michael W. Dean and they discuss computer security for the newbie, rubber hose cryptography, home video surveillance, the fall of the Berlin Wall, namecoin, TrueCrypt, PGP, Thunderbird, HushMail (bad), top ten list of things to do to have computer security for Windows and Linux, problems with Skype, VPNs, need for more an-capism in hacker worlds, and much much more.


Smuggler’s book, Second Realm Strategy.

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