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TheRealPlato Tells You How To Keep THE MAN From Fingering Your Computer Ports.

Michael W. Dean decides that it’s far more important for anarchists to look for SOLUTIONS than to sit around bitching about the latest “tyranny today.” So he enlists the help of elusive hacktivist TheRealPlato to explain, in layman’s terms, things we all need to know about computer security. Topics include: Darknets, TOR, VPNs, Mumble, encryption, securing communications, The Central Scrutinizer, FIDOnet, SSL, Mesh networking, how to use the Internet in the face of government censorship, Internet in a Box, the problems with Skype, BitCoin, BitName, and how he found liberty in his cross-country BitCoin RoadTrip.

TheRealPlato on Twitter.

TheRealPlato on Reddit.

Paul Rosenberg Talks About Free Speech Becoming Illegal in America

Jim Object's real name

Author and Cryptohippie founder Paul Rosenberg has a fun chat with Michael W. Dean about Brandon Raub getting put in a mental hospital for free speech, the history of the state, the decline of the state, FidoNet, Tom Jennings, punk rock, computer privacy, rock ‘n’ roll, where we’re headed as a society, editing Wikipedia while interviewing, and much much more.

Paul’s new book, A Lodging of Wayfaring Men.

Also, some articles by Paul on Lew

Dale Everett Waxes Poetic About BDSM, Liberty, Quakerism and the Future of Freedom

Dale Everett of Flaming Freedom and Anarchy in your Head joins Michael W. Dean on the Gumbo to talk about BDSM, kink, man love, Chick-fil-A, Acid Test for Doms, online dating, pod beef, battling Internet trolls, what makes people kinky?, what makes people gay?, what makes people bi?, liberty and sexuality, Quakerism, the fallacy of the Great Man Theory, anarchists, Penn and Teller, court-ordered AA meetings, and more.

Michael W. Dean Talks With Garrett Fox About Everything EXCEPT the Government

(re-broadcast from The Disindoctrination Podcast). Tonight Garrett is joined by the OG Freedom Feen, Michael W. Dean. Or MDub if you’re a mac daddy. They try to take a break from all of the usual government crap that’s going on and try to focus on self education. An excerpt from Unintended Consequences by John Ross. A little on Michael’s school background while growing up and getting into making music. There’s some discussion on website widgets, plug-ins and how much MDub helped get this very podcast up and running. Garrett and Michael’s take on what’s going on with Ademo’s case and the different approaches you can take when handling lawsuits. Then some chatter on books, guns, books about guns, how Michael got started in writing and what he would be doing if LibPar was actually here.

Free Guns For Everyone! The Printable Gun with Cody Wilson.

3D printing technology allows objects and even simple machines to be printed from a freely-distributed computer file. Cody Wilson wants to do this with guns and share it with the world.

Cody Wilson is an engineer AND law student in the Drone Star State who is creating a freely distributed printable gun design for the world. (“The Wiki Weapon”). He and Michael W. Dean talk about guns, physics, tyranny, where the world is headed and what we can do about it, and much much more.

His project will revolutionize guns and kick-start the Printable Gun Hobbyist Movement, while pissing off both liberals and conservatives. What’s not to love?

This is Cody’s first-ever interview, and the first of many.

Donate to the project on IndieGoGo.

Cody’s Defense Distributed

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