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Bill Buppert – A retired Army officer talks about Lawrence of Arabia, the joys of anarchy, and how to survive the coming collapse.

Michael W. Dean chats with Bill Buppert, founder of and author of ZeroGov: Limited Government, Unicorns and Other Mythological Creatures. They discuss biometric intrusion, anarchist ideas of security on a large scale, the American and British Empires, government surveillance, The Iraqi Mandate, A Peace to End All Peace: The Fall of the Ottoman Empire and the Creation of the Modern Middle East, history repeating itself, Boston T. Party, Lew Rockwell, what’s wrong with the US Constitution, how we’re all government employees now, guns, FN FALs, Thomas Jefferson, Ron Paul, non-interventionists vs. isolationists, homeschooling, Abbie Hoffman, ex-patting and where to go, “love it or leave it” statism, T. E. Lawrence, and how to survive when the Schumer hits the fan.

Jim Object Flips Off Stacy Litz, from Central America.

Jim Object's real name

Jim Object takes time from his busy travel schedule to talk with Michael W. Dean about shooting dope while attending Harvard, how to NOT rat out your friends (i.e. how to NOT be Stacy Litz), commie anarchists, Georgism, sex with trannies, the unbridled joys of drug abuse, the Trumbleplex, Larken Rose, zoning laws, mutualism, anarcho-capitalism, eminent domain, Jim Bell, finding liberation through kinky sex, and life underground.



Drew and the Giant Moneylith – a Chat with Drew Philips.

Drew Philips of Don’t Tred on Meme talks to Michael W. Dean about Minor Threat, Dead Kennedys, Napster, why record companies are dropped the ball with the Internet, libertarian views against i.p., how to archive recorded tape, why silver is excellent and nifty, silver dime cards, VPNs, how the government stole Michael’s silver, PorcFest, the Mighty MoneyLith, and agorism vs. activism.

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Nikki Darling Talks About Porn, Liberty, and Laughing at Statists.

Nikki Darling sits down for some tasty gumbo with Michael W. Dean and they talk about activism, what kind of porn she likes, agorism, getting set up by the Man, the setbacks of representing yourself in court, 50 cal guns, making jewelry, the joys of PorcFest, eCiggs, the lung drive, really really filthy porn, gateway drug theory with drugs and porn and why that’s bunk, Bad Quaker, Ron Paul’s freakin’ giant, copper rounds and the pretty fires they make, BitCoins, silver dime cards, QR cards, filthy crust punks and the punkers who love them, liberty in the DC area, Maryland’s shitty gun laws, arming peasants in Darfur, Doug Stanhope, Alex Jones as a gateway drug to liberty, and dealing with statist parents and friends.

This episode was recorded on June 27th.

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