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Attorney Randy England, Ex-Prosecutor, Talks About Liberty, Tyranny and The Law.

Attorney and author Randy England, an ex-prosecutor, sits down with Michael W. Dean and talks about the journey from prosecutor to philosophical anarchist. Topics include the value of jury nullification, the dangers of “never take a plea”, the pitfalls of representing yourself (and why even lawyers won’t do that, if they’re smart); the lunacy of sovereign citizen “magic words” and why they don’t work, how guns are good, the absolutely lunacy of the drug war, how the law works, thoughts on “shoot or don’t shoot” if someone kicks in your door and yells “POLICE!” in the middle of the night, why he didn’t push for no-knock drug warrants as a prosecutor, how to stay out of jail, why our criminal justice system doesn’t offer any restitution to the victim, how law could work and be more fair in the absence of government, what lawyers can do and don’t do in today’s world, and why Catholics should become libertarians.

Randy’s criminal Defense Blog:

Randy’s book, FREE IS BEAUTIFUL: Why Catholics Should Be Libertarian:

Kevin McKernan – From the White House to the Freedom Feens

Boy genius DNA sequencing man Kevin McKernan of Medicinal Genomics talks about hanging out with Bill Clinton, realizing “that is so square!”, and hanging out with the Freedom Feens instead. He and Michael W. Dean talk about DNA sequencing, medical marijuana, minarchy vs. anarchy, The Grateful Dead, Pig Pen McKernan, Merriweather Post Pavilion, Phish, nanny laws, the journey to liberty, Guns and Weed: the Road to Freedom, garage DNA labs, personalized medicine, statism and science, problems with the FDA, where medical science is headed, chromatography, drones, terpenes, CBD, Monsanto, enzymes, Marijuana Genome Project, Human Genome Project, asthma, the failures of Net Neutrality, Denmark socialism, and home computers with 64 Gb of RAM.

Check out Kevin’s Jane-Ome Project

The Muslim Agorist Davi Barker Talks on the Mumble

Davi Barker, the Muslim Agorist, Asst. Director at Muslims 4 Liberty, Graphic Artist at Eccentric Circle, Blogger for Silver Underground, and Author at Daily Anarchist talks with Michael W. Dean about California, Silver, Silver Circle Movie, Mecca, Haji, punk rock, Emperor Norton, San Francisco, alternative currencies, Bill Laswell, Shotgun Jeb, Santa Cruz, leftists, nanny staters, what state is the worst most statist state in the world, cat care, chocoholics and more about silver.

Emberlea McCulligh Talks About Sex, Cats and Rock ‘n’ Roll

Emberlea McCulligh is a voluntaryist and peaceful anarchist, a non-violent parent who unschools and an advocate for peace and freedom. She owns her own business and is an activist with Cop Block, Free Keene, Voluntaryist Volunteers and is the founder and editor of Voluntary Values. Today on the Gumbo she chats with Michael W. Dean about jury nullification, cats, dogs, radio, kink, BDSM and hair pulling, PorcFest, nanny laws, industrial music, dating in New Hampshire, agorisim, anarchy, libertarianism, Ministry, KMFDM, parenting, pets, and her journey from Republican neo-con to groovy libertarian anarchist agorist voluntaryist.

Robin Koerner Discusses the Fate of the World on the Gumbo.

Robin Koerner Discusses the Fate of the World on the Gumbo

Robin Koerner, all-around good guy and founder of Blue Republican and Watching America calls Michael W. Dean all the way from jolly ole England and they talk about Ron Paul, elections, anarchy, minarchy, anarchism, small government, Constitutionalism, tyranny, the UK, the European Union, Greek Nazis and Commies, the problems with “cradle to the grave” socialism, why violence isn’t the answer, UK disarmament, making a living at liberty activism, the songbirds of England, how to pronounce Michael’s middle name, America’s perception on the world stage, street activism and more. Michael also books Robin for another interview on November 7th, the day after the US presidential elections.

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