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Monica Perez, Anarcho-Capitalist Soccer Mom


Michael W. Dean interviews Stanford MBA / Radio Talk Show Host / Anarcho-Capitalist Soccer Mom  Monica Perez, and proves once and for all that the Liberty Mission is NOT a sausage fest. Monica talks about why anarcho-capitalism is the only ethical outlook, dealing with leftie anarchists, abortion and Catholics, raising a child with Down Syndrome, computer security, nanny staters, fed goons, spying on citizens, why the Constitution is wrong, population reduction by the overlords, redemption in the third act, and finding and following your dream.

Check out the Monica Perez Show every Sunday 1PM-3PM East Coast time on 750AM News/Talk WSB, 95.5FM in Atlanta and online.

Larken Rose Post-Election State-of-the-Union Redress

Michael W. Dean chats with Larken Rose. What, are you looking for here, show notes? It’s a friggin’ Larken Rose interview, so you know it’s great.

Post-Election Ron Paul Support Group with Robin Koerner

Blue Republican group (which Michael W. Dean calls “Democrats for Ron Paul”) founder Robin Koerner talks Ron Paul supporters (including himself) in off the ledge the day after the U.S. presidential elections. He gives hope for the future in the face of tyranny.

Bill Buppert – A retired Army officer talks about Lawrence of Arabia, the joys of anarchy, and how to survive the coming collapse.

Michael W. Dean chats with Bill Buppert, founder of and author of ZeroGov: Limited Government, Unicorns and Other Mythological Creatures. They discuss biometric intrusion, anarchist ideas of security on a large scale, the American and British Empires, government surveillance, The Iraqi Mandate, A Peace to End All Peace: The Fall of the Ottoman Empire and the Creation of the Modern Middle East, history repeating itself, Boston T. Party, Lew Rockwell, what’s wrong with the US Constitution, how we’re all government employees now, guns, FN FALs, Thomas Jefferson, Ron Paul, non-interventionists vs. isolationists, homeschooling, Abbie Hoffman, ex-patting and where to go, “love it or leave it” statism, T. E. Lawrence, and how to survive when the Schumer hits the fan.

Robin Koerner Discusses the Fate of the World on the Gumbo.

Robin Koerner Discusses the Fate of the World on the Gumbo

Robin Koerner, all-around good guy and founder of Blue Republican and Watching America calls Michael W. Dean all the way from jolly ole England and they talk about Ron Paul, elections, anarchy, minarchy, anarchism, small government, Constitutionalism, tyranny, the UK, the European Union, Greek Nazis and Commies, the problems with “cradle to the grave” socialism, why violence isn’t the answer, UK disarmament, making a living at liberty activism, the songbirds of England, how to pronounce Michael’s middle name, America’s perception on the world stage, street activism and more. Michael also books Robin for another interview on November 7th, the day after the US presidential elections.

Questionable Practices by the Wyoming GOP to Knock Ron Paul out of the Running?

Republican national alternate delegate Tyler Lindholm explains what he describes as unethical practices by higher ups in the Wyoming GOP, things like people voting for Romney twice, people who aren’t supposed to vote voting for Romney, votes for Ron Paul being ignored, Josh Romney handing out a slate of how everyone should vote, erroneous votes from WY elected GOP officials, intentional violations of GOP bylaws, and more. Tyler was there, and he names names and gives you all the dirt in this Anarchy Gumbo Podcast exclusive.

Whole interview is good, but the real dirt starts about 13 minutes in.

Also check out this video; 2012 Wyoming Republican State Convention – Erroneous ballots cast purposely. The important parts are in the first five minutes of the video.

Anti-War Scott Horton On The Gumbo

picture of anti-war scott horton

Scott Horton of talks with Michael W. Dean of the Freedom Feens about Syria, Obama, Ron Paul, hope and despair, microphone choices, the JKF assassination, Dallas, Austin, Future Shock, It’s a Jetsons World, why does all the best technology end up being used for war?, anarcho-capitalism, the Internet as a global village, “should anarchists vote?”, not having time to read because of the Internet, conspiracy theories, the Oklahoma City bombing, “Was the Revolutionary War justified?”, hate mail from patriots, the non-aggression principle, Murray Rothbard, “Can anarchists embrace the Constitution?” and finding hope in a horribly violent world.

Stefan Molyneux Freaks Out on the Gumbo


Stefan Molyneux has 43 cups of double espresso and then talks with Michael W. Dean about anarchy, guns, leftie anarchists, Hunger Games, homeschooling, the Canadian health care system, BDSM and kink, border crossings, recording gear, Boston T. Party, and a whole bunch of other nifty stuff.

At one point, Stefan gets madder than I’ve ever heard him and cusses a bunch at the lunacy of the world. It’s a beautiful thing.


2014 UPDATE: Please listen to: The Truth About Stefan Molyneux. Interview with 2 People Who Were in His Inner Circle


2014 UPDATED: Boston T. Party pointed out that I rather inelegantly (mis)-paraphrased Boston’s position on guns and libertarians. Here are Boston’s actual words:

“Libertarian philosophy is, in the end, moot if its adherents have no final resort of armed defense, and freedom has usually required the shedding of blood on battlefields. If history has taught us anything, it’s that liberty is won and maintained by Riflemen. As Heinlein once wrote:

“The price of freedom is the willingness to do sudden battle, anywhere, anytime, and with utter recklessness.

“Willingness to do sudden battle implies capability to do sudden battle. You must already have the tools, training, and practice to fight effectively. When you are capable and willing to fight, then you have options.  When you are capable and willing to fight, then your enemy will perhaps fear and avoid you.

“But not until then.

“If you do not have — right now — an FAL, M1, M1A, or HK91, then there is something you have chosen not to own for your freedom.  If you do own such a rifle but cannot — right now — from offhand position hit a dinner plate at 100yds within 5 seconds on demand without fail, then there is a skill you have chosen not to earn for your freedom.

“If you are not a Rifleman — right now — then you have announced to the world that your commitment to liberty goes only just so far. If you will not spend a summer and the price of a used jet ski to become a Rifleman — to become a deadly foe of tyranny — then you are just mouthing platitudes, treating liberty as a hobby and expecting brave men to do your fighting for you. If you’re not a Rifleman — you’re just a hobbyist.

“By choosing to move to a state where you can’t become a Rifleman, a hobbyist is what you’ll remain.  The Nerf and Egghead Libertarians don’t like hearing this, obviously, but facts are stubborn things.

“The state that separates its scholars from its warriors will have its thinking done by cowards, and its fighting done by fools. — Thucydides

“FSPers in New Hampshire without battle rifles are like libertarians in Manhattan without handguns.

“All are at the mercy of any determined band of thugs. If you’re not a Rifleman in the country or a Pistolero in the city, then you’re merely food waiting to be eaten.  You can scream No initiation of force! all the way down your aggressor’s gullet.  Big deal.  All fish wriggle when caught.”

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