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Ben Stone Grows Old Gracefully With Michael Dean.


Bad Quaker Ben Stone calls Michael on Ben’s 1879 Bell Telephone and they discuss out-of-body experiences, religion, deism, drugs, ancient technology, why attaining your life’s goals by 50 is better than attaining your life’s goals by 30, helping the next generation, the joys of squirrels, how Michael and Ben will likely reincarnate as squirrels, and why Michael and Ben have to keep doing what they’re doing when it would be easier to just watch squirrels.

(This episode done by phone, and released a few days early, since Ben can’t get a Bad Quaker episode up due to on-the-road Internet connection problems)

Christian Seger on The Butthole Surfers, Goat Cheese and the State


Christian Seger of Blue Heron Farm talks about his time touring doing sound for the Butthole Surfers (and Lynyrd Skynyrd), raising healthy goats and making excellent goat cheese, and the State’s attempts to make that difficult.

Paul Rosenberg Talks About Free Speech Becoming Illegal in America

Jim Object's real name

Author and Cryptohippie founder Paul Rosenberg has a fun chat with Michael W. Dean about Brandon Raub getting put in a mental hospital for free speech, the history of the state, the decline of the state, FidoNet, Tom Jennings, punk rock, computer privacy, rock ‘n’ roll, where we’re headed as a society, editing Wikipedia while interviewing, and much much more.

Paul’s new book, A Lodging of Wayfaring Men.

Also, some articles by Paul on Lew

Michael W. Dean Talks With Garrett Fox About Everything EXCEPT the Government

(re-broadcast from The Disindoctrination Podcast). Tonight Garrett is joined by the OG Freedom Feen, Michael W. Dean. Or MDub if you’re a mac daddy. They try to take a break from all of the usual government crap that’s going on and try to focus on self education. An excerpt from Unintended Consequences by John Ross. A little on Michael’s school background while growing up and getting into making music. There’s some discussion on website widgets, plug-ins and how much MDub helped get this very podcast up and running. Garrett and Michael’s take on what’s going on with Ademo’s case and the different approaches you can take when handling lawsuits. Then some chatter on books, guns, books about guns, how Michael got started in writing and what he would be doing if LibPar was actually here.

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