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An Interview with the Guy who Invented “ROAAAAAAAAAADS!” as an Anti-Statist Picture Meme.


Michael W. Dean interviews his long-time in-person friend MikeMakesRight. Mike and Michael used to be neighbors, used to play in a band, and were important to each other in their development as non-statists and as all-around groovy human beings. Mike talks about libertarian weight lifting, why being religious about the Paleo Diet is silly, why all the libertarian and AnCap pundits aren’t in shape and should get in shape, recover from drugs and statism, the different between bow-tie academic libertarianism and krokodil-and-tranny-hooker street libertarianism, blood vengeance and dancing on the head of a pin, the Is–ought problem, why there may be no such thing as “rights”, Paul Bonneau, how the roads would work without a government, why people keep being statist; robot cars and how technology could save liberty if Richard Stallman would just get out of the way; and the care and feeding of, and the walking of, your cat.

Ben Stone Grows Old Gracefully With Michael Dean.


Bad Quaker Ben Stone calls Michael on Ben’s 1879 Bell Telephone and they discuss out-of-body experiences, religion, deism, drugs, ancient technology, why attaining your life’s goals by 50 is better than attaining your life’s goals by 30, helping the next generation, the joys of squirrels, how Michael and Ben will likely reincarnate as squirrels, and why Michael and Ben have to keep doing what they’re doing when it would be easier to just watch squirrels.

(This episode done by phone, and released a few days early, since Ben can’t get a Bad Quaker episode up due to on-the-road Internet connection problems)

Michael W. Dean Talks With Garrett Fox About Everything EXCEPT the Government

(re-broadcast from The Disindoctrination Podcast). Tonight Garrett is joined by the OG Freedom Feen, Michael W. Dean. Or MDub if you’re a mac daddy. They try to take a break from all of the usual government crap that’s going on and try to focus on self education. An excerpt from Unintended Consequences by John Ross. A little on Michael’s school background while growing up and getting into making music. There’s some discussion on website widgets, plug-ins and how much MDub helped get this very podcast up and running. Garrett and Michael’s take on what’s going on with Ademo’s case and the different approaches you can take when handling lawsuits. Then some chatter on books, guns, books about guns, how Michael got started in writing and what he would be doing if LibPar was actually here.

Stefan Molyneux Freaks Out on the Gumbo


Stefan Molyneux has 43 cups of double espresso and then talks with Michael W. Dean about anarchy, guns, leftie anarchists, Hunger Games, homeschooling, the Canadian health care system, BDSM and kink, border crossings, recording gear, Boston T. Party, and a whole bunch of other nifty stuff.

At one point, Stefan gets madder than I’ve ever heard him and cusses a bunch at the lunacy of the world. It’s a beautiful thing.


2014 UPDATE: Please listen to: The Truth About Stefan Molyneux. Interview with 2 People Who Were in His Inner Circle


2014 UPDATED: Boston T. Party pointed out that I rather inelegantly (mis)-paraphrased Boston’s position on guns and libertarians. Here are Boston’s actual words:

“Libertarian philosophy is, in the end, moot if its adherents have no final resort of armed defense, and freedom has usually required the shedding of blood on battlefields. If history has taught us anything, it’s that liberty is won and maintained by Riflemen. As Heinlein once wrote:

“The price of freedom is the willingness to do sudden battle, anywhere, anytime, and with utter recklessness.

“Willingness to do sudden battle implies capability to do sudden battle. You must already have the tools, training, and practice to fight effectively. When you are capable and willing to fight, then you have options.  When you are capable and willing to fight, then your enemy will perhaps fear and avoid you.

“But not until then.

“If you do not have — right now — an FAL, M1, M1A, or HK91, then there is something you have chosen not to own for your freedom.  If you do own such a rifle but cannot — right now — from offhand position hit a dinner plate at 100yds within 5 seconds on demand without fail, then there is a skill you have chosen not to earn for your freedom.

“If you are not a Rifleman — right now — then you have announced to the world that your commitment to liberty goes only just so far. If you will not spend a summer and the price of a used jet ski to become a Rifleman — to become a deadly foe of tyranny — then you are just mouthing platitudes, treating liberty as a hobby and expecting brave men to do your fighting for you. If you’re not a Rifleman — you’re just a hobbyist.

“By choosing to move to a state where you can’t become a Rifleman, a hobbyist is what you’ll remain.  The Nerf and Egghead Libertarians don’t like hearing this, obviously, but facts are stubborn things.

“The state that separates its scholars from its warriors will have its thinking done by cowards, and its fighting done by fools. — Thucydides

“FSPers in New Hampshire without battle rifles are like libertarians in Manhattan without handguns.

“All are at the mercy of any determined band of thugs. If you’re not a Rifleman in the country or a Pistolero in the city, then you’re merely food waiting to be eaten.  You can scream No initiation of force! all the way down your aggressor’s gullet.  Big deal.  All fish wriggle when caught.”

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