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Michael Shanklin Interviews Michael Dean for the Voluntary Virtues podcast


Michael Shanklin Interviews Michael Dean of the Freedom Feens radio show on 10/29/13 for the Voluntary Virtues podcast. A good time is had by all. Doesn’t need show notes because with these two, you know it’s good.


Michael W. Dean’s book A User’s Manual for the Human Experience

Michael W. Dean was a handful at a very young age. He tested extremely high on aptitude tests, but was asked to leave his public school due to his very vocal hatred of authority figures. (Examples here, here, here, here and here.)

MikeMakesRight and Michael W. Dean Poke The Hornet’s Nest.


MikeMakesRight and Michael W. Dean talk about the failure of central planning, why hippies from Bolinas California shouldn’t vote, the varied human journey to liberty, and what would happen if George Soros bought Northern California.

The Triumphant Return of Mr. Ben Stone The Bad Quaker


Ben Stone the Bad Quaker returns from his hero’s journey of walking the earth, and brings new knowledge to share with society. Michael interviews him as soon as Ben wakes up from his first night home in many months.

Derrick J Explains His Process.


Filmmaker, movie star and activist Derrick J. Freeman explains how you can become an overnight sensation like him with nothing more than years of hard work. He and Michael W. Dean also explain how to get a foot in the door in media, and how to be in demand by learning to work well with others.

Buy Derrick J’s Victimless Crime Spree on Amazon

Check out Peace News Now

Moral Relativism Leads to Democide


Neema Vedadi preaches the Feen Canon on Rodney Smith’s new podcast, The Freedom Experiment show. They explore the concept of moral relativism and Neema posits that Statist ideology is inherently flawed because moral relativism is the root of it. Neema tells stories of how this affected his stint as a TV reporter. They also grapple with how to explain anarchy to those who get benefits from government programs.

Neema Vedadi on Ed and Ethan


Freedom Feen Neema Vedadi Skypes in from his windowless bunker cave and appears as a guest on the popular talk show Ed and Ethan. The topics are truth, justice and the Canadian way. “Two radio presenters have been chastised in the public sphere after making a prank phone call to a UK woman who then killed herself days later. Did they do anything wrong? A 13 year old boy in Quebec is being charged with sexual assault and even attempted murder. How does a free society deal with this? Snow tires! In Quebec, they are required by law and every winter, Canadians can be heard to muse about them. How does the free market encourage snow tire use if it’s needed?”

Eric S. Raymond, father of the Open-Source Movement, talks about computers, guns and liberty.

Eric S. Raymond put his anarcho-capitalist ideas into action when he formed the Open-Source Software Movement. This movement helped influence many aspects of today’s world, from Linux to Creative Commons to file sharing, Netscape/Firefox, Wikipedia, Social Networking, blogs, podcasting, open Internet telephony, and the very underlying methodology of how the Internet works. Here Michael W. Dean talks with Eric about all that, as well as about guns, statism, i.p. laws, copyright, Stefan Molyneux, martial arts and even cats.

Eric’s blog

Eric’s website.

Eric’s essay The Cathedral and the Bazaar (text HERE.)

Eric’s essay Homesteading the Noosphere

Revolution OS documentary film.

Why Muslims Should be Libertarian.

Neema Vedadi interviews Will Coley, Director of Muslims for Liberty. Coley is a self-described redneck from Tennessee who converted to Islam years ago. Coley says his study of Islamic law, including sound money and free trade brought him to Libertarianism. He explains why Sharia is not a threat and makes the case that true Islam allows for private law, competing court systems, and a voluntary society. Will takes down anti-Muslim hype with history and logic. The two also discuss American Foreign policy, why Muslims are sick of the Republicans and Democrats, and if we’re doomed to suffer the state forever.


Ben Quaker on Liberty in Our Lifetime vs. Liberty in Your Unborn Grandchild’s Lifetime.

Ben Stone (the Bad Quaker) and Michael W. Dean wax poetic with the next lesson in the Anarchy Distance Learning University series. They talk about “Will there be liberty in our lifetime?” Will our podcasts be played in schools and studied by the 100 years? They yack about how the State still has a lot to steal, not just here but also in Africa and elsewhere; what to do when “they” come for your guns, Frédéric Bastiat and the Russians, maybe the government archives of us at NSA and DHS will be used for the liberty masses in 100 years, the fragmenting goon bullet the gubmint has, will Ben and Michael die of natural deaths or be killed? a discussion of audio archiving quality vs, video, archiving and storing media as well as guns, the movie Adaptation and the hypocrisy of the Christian rock group, Stryper.

Bad Quaker episode we reference: “The State, From Roving Thieves to its Final Stage

Robin Koerner Discusses the Fate of the World on the Gumbo.

Robin Koerner Discusses the Fate of the World on the Gumbo

Robin Koerner, all-around good guy and founder of Blue Republican and Watching America calls Michael W. Dean all the way from jolly ole England and they talk about Ron Paul, elections, anarchy, minarchy, anarchism, small government, Constitutionalism, tyranny, the UK, the European Union, Greek Nazis and Commies, the problems with “cradle to the grave” socialism, why violence isn’t the answer, UK disarmament, making a living at liberty activism, the songbirds of England, how to pronounce Michael’s middle name, America’s perception on the world stage, street activism and more. Michael also books Robin for another interview on November 7th, the day after the US presidential elections.

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