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Nifty anarchist chat and chatter from Michael W. Dean and a rotating cast of insomniac guests

MikeMakesRight and Michael W. Dean Poke The Hornet’s Nest.


MikeMakesRight and Michael W. Dean talk about the failure of central planning, why hippies from Bolinas California shouldn’t vote, the varied human journey to liberty, and what would happen if George Soros bought Northern California.

Behringer XENYX mixer compressor tests


Short audio tests using on-board compressor on Xenyx mixer. Conclusion is that for Neema doing talk radio over Audio Compass, a setting of barely on (at 8 o’clock) is better than a higher amount, and better than no compression.

Mixer is a a Behringer XENYX X2442USB Premium 24-Input 4/2-Bus Mixer (get it HERE).

James Davis on Why Education Needs More Mud.


Michael W. Dean chats with alternative educator James Davis about how to raise kids up right and how to spread that to the world.

James runs a camp for kids that is based on the non-aggression principle.

Check out he and his wife’s blog, for more.

An Interview with the Guy who Invented “ROAAAAAAAAAADS!” as an Anti-Statist Picture Meme.


Michael W. Dean interviews his long-time in-person friend MikeMakesRight. Mike and Michael used to be neighbors, used to play in a band, and were important to each other in their development as non-statists and as all-around groovy human beings. Mike talks about libertarian weight lifting, why being religious about the Paleo Diet is silly, why all the libertarian and AnCap pundits aren’t in shape and should get in shape, recover from drugs and statism, the different between bow-tie academic libertarianism and krokodil-and-tranny-hooker street libertarianism, blood vengeance and dancing on the head of a pin, the Is–ought problem, why there may be no such thing as “rights”, Paul Bonneau, how the roads would work without a government, why people keep being statist; robot cars and how technology could save liberty if Richard Stallman would just get out of the way; and the care and feeding of, and the walking of, your cat.

Opus – The Codec That Will Vastly Improve the World


(REPOST OF AUDIO TESTS OF UPCOMING MUMBLE VERSION WITH OPUS). The term “Codec” comes from the words “coder-decoder” or “compressor-decompressor.” There are audio and video codecs. We’re talking about audio codecs in this post… more on Creamy Radio Audio.

Bill Buppert Gives Hope For the Future in an Increasingly Difficult World


Michael W. Dean chats with Bill Buppert, founder of and author of ZeroGov: Limited Government, Unicorns and Other Mythological Creatures. He talks from halfway around the world about, collectivists, where is the anti-war left?, everyday anarchy, recovering from statism, repealing the Second Amendment, abolitionism, reducing the need for rulers, how all rulers are sociopaths, “experts in things that are wrong” moral cowardice, the freed market, Vermin Supreme, Cypriot banks, Linux and socialism, underground economies, BitCoin, Zomia, 9/11, “spreading democracy”, drones, and some hope for the future.

Davi Barker on the Emperor’s New Clothes That is The State


Michael W. Dean talks with writer/activist/artist/all-around good guy Davi Barker. Michael offers to get drunk with Davi, Davi says no. So they talk about vampires, zombies and the vampire/zombies that are statists. They discuss noise rock, punk rock, Davi’s book Voluntary Islam and Other Essays, Davi’s many projects, kitty cats, Angel in Heavy Syrup, the Nazi origins of the US Pledge of Allegiance, How to keep cats off your electronic gear for 8 dollars, and how Ben Stone came up with the important liberty concept of The State being different from The Government, and why we should spread that.

Davi Barker:

Marketing Agent for the Silver Circle Movie

Propagandist for the Vote 4 Nobody Campaign

6-Minute Audio Examples and Review of Presonus Studio Channel Tube-Pre Amp / Compressor / Parametric EQ unit



I recently bought the amazing 300 dollar Presonus Studio Channel Tube-Pre Amp / Compressor / Parametric EQ unit. You can get it on Amazon, HERE.

The audio demonstration here was recorded with a Shure BETA 57A Microphone, with a foam windscreen, speaking at a medium-low volume right up on the mic (lips mostly touching the windscreen), with no processing added in post. The audio demo includes explanations of basic use for a good sound, as well as gain staging, and telephone effects.

The Presonus Studio Channel is a wonderful “Swiss army knife” with several functions for improving the sound of voice or instruments. The manual is available free for download, HERE. It’s not only a good intro to this unit, it’s a good intro to compression and EQ and tube pre-amps in general. I recommend it if you are new to compression, even if you have a different unit.

But here’s my quick start guide for spoken audio, the settings I used in this six-minute audio example (click for full-sized image). Enjoy!:


I replaced the stock tube with this Russian Tungsol 12AX7 Tube that is better than the generic Chinese tube that comes with the unit.

To replace tube, unplug the unit from the wall, remove screws on top, and gently rock the tube left and right to remove. Then gently rock the replacement tube in to the tube socket. Hold tube with a handkerchief or other piece of fabric to avoid getting skin oils on it. Skin oils will lower the life span of the tube.


(NOTE: The FTC thinks you’re too dumb to figure out that we get referral fees from my Amazon referral links above, so we are legally required, with a potential government gun to my head, to tell you that. But we wouldn’t recommend anything we wouldn’t personally use.)


The Triumphant Return of Mr. Ben Stone The Bad Quaker


Ben Stone the Bad Quaker returns from his hero’s journey of walking the earth, and brings new knowledge to share with society. Michael interviews him as soon as Ben wakes up from his first night home in many months.

How to Start Your Own Nation – Interview with President Kevin Baugh of a Micronation Called The Republic of Molossia.


Want small government? Molossia has a government, and Molossia is small!

Michael W. Dean, Chief Anarchy Officer of the Micronation of Nestlandia, greets and speaks with His Excellency Kevin Baugh of the Micronation of The Republic of Molossia.

Website of Molossia.

Wikipedia entry on Molossia.

 Chicago Tribune video: Tour the micronation of Molossia

Related Documentary: How To Start Your Own Country

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