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Get Feens and Gumbo Episodes Before Everyone Else with BitTorrent


So, this is so cool….Sean our Torrent guy and I have set up a torrent feed for all Freedom Feens episodes, Anarchy Gumbo episodes and movies. AND, you’ll get new things before everyone else who isn’t using the torrent link!

It works automatically, it’s completely legal (for now), and seeding will get you on the Golden Floppy Disc of Redemption by helping make the Feens’ media drone proof when it BECOMES illegal, which could be any day now, the way the Central Scrutinizer is stepping up its tyranny. Seed if you want, but at least have them. So if we get droned, or the site gets CISPAed, you can turn the torrents back on and start sharing.

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Ed and Ethan Panel Discussion with Tim Moen and Michael W. Dean.

Ed and Ethan, an amazing podcast that sounds like the free market’s version of CBC radio, if we lived in LibPar, have a panel discussion with Michael W. Dean from the Freedom Feens, and Tim Moen, a liberty blogger and firefighter/paramedic in Fort MacMurray, Alberta, Canada. Topics include animal rights, nuclear energy, and anti-bullying laws. They also answer the age-old question, “Who’s cooler, cats or dogs”? (of course, the answer is a resounding: CATS!)

This is a re-broadcast of the Ed and Ethan show from the same day, but also has the pre-game sound checks, which is kind of like the podcast equivalent of wild feeds from satellite TV where you get to hear the newscasters yell at each other and eat cheeseburgers.

Muslim Vs. Anti-Muslim debate with Will Coley and Jack Burkman

Lobbyist, attorney, political consultant, and Fox News political analyst Jack Burkman defends his previous statement that “Muslims are savages.” On the other side of the ring is Will Coley, Director of Muslims for Liberty.

“Conflict is the essence of Drama” is the rule for this night, and there’s a surprise ending in the last round. Don’t miss it!

(Freedom Feen Neema Vedadi suggested this debate, Freedom Feen Michael W. Dean moderates.)

Larken Rose Post-Election State-of-the-Union Redress

Michael W. Dean chats with Larken Rose. What, are you looking for here, show notes? It’s a friggin’ Larken Rose interview, so you know it’s great.

Post-Election Ron Paul Support Group with Robin Koerner

Blue Republican group (which Michael W. Dean calls “Democrats for Ron Paul”) founder Robin Koerner talks Ron Paul supporters (including himself) in off the ledge the day after the U.S. presidential elections. He gives hope for the future in the face of tyranny.

Dick Dale Drops Mad Science About How the Universe Works, Part 3 of 3

Michael W. Dean calls surf guitar king Dick Dale on the phone, asks him three questions and Dick Dale talks for two hours and 20 minutes.

This is part three, the final installment of this three-part interview. IF YOU HAVEN’T LISTENED TO PART ONE and TWO, I RECOMMEND YOU GO HERE and HERE to check it out before listening to part three.

Dick Dale talks here the band Dead Kennedys, the guitarist East Bay Ray, the spirit world, divorce, marriage, and the hope for the future, both of Dick Dale and of the world. Dick’s really smart wife Lana gets on the phone for a bit too.

As masterful and influential as Dick Dale is on guitar, guitar is a tiny bit of what this guy is all about. Guitar is only a delivery mechanism for the many many things Dick Dale does and is here on this planet to do.

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