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Free Guns For Everyone! The Printable Gun with Cody Wilson.

3D printing technology allows objects and even simple machines to be printed from a freely-distributed computer file. Cody Wilson wants to do this with guns and share it with the world.

Cody Wilson is an engineer AND law student in the Drone Star State who is creating a freely distributed printable gun design for the world. (“The Wiki Weapon”). He and Michael W. Dean talk about guns, physics, tyranny, where the world is headed and what we can do about it, and much much more.

His project will revolutionize guns and kick-start the Printable Gun Hobbyist Movement, while pissing off both liberals and conservatives. What’s not to love?

This is Cody’s first-ever interview, and the first of many.

Donate to the project on IndieGoGo.

Cody’s Defense Distributed

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12 thoughts on “Free Guns For Everyone! The Printable Gun with Cody Wilson.

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  4. Rod Freeman on said:

    Indiegogo has just shut down the fundraising account for this project.

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  6. Doug M on said:

    Look at the Glock for the basics of the project, half way there………..

  7. Hesperus on said:

    The sauce was strong on this one. Really one of the most intresting interviews I have ever heard, mr Wilson seems to have a very good concept here.

    • MichaelWDean on said:

      Hesperus – yup, it is an amazing interview. Even more amazing because it was the first interview Cody ever did, and he was reluctant to do it. I almost had to talk him into doing it.


  8. Seems you were correct about the next attack on gun rights coming from the Right:

    I know it’s InfoWars, but I trust them enough to believe they wouldn’t make up quotes.

    I know, I know. It’s hard to believe people like Kristol and O’Reilly could be so spineless…

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  10. Michigan Escapee on said:

    You could do it with metal or ceramic powder followed by
    sintering. You’d still need to drill the rifling, or sinter around
    something that would form the rifling.

    For the sintering you could get by using a ceramic kiln
    or something like an arc furnace in an inert atmosphere if you
    plan to use something tougher like nickel, tungsten, or
    something that fuses above 1800 degrees.

    They’ve had freebie plans to build an SMG something like this
    for a number of years. Making into a semi-auto is just an issue of
    changing some of the guts.

    If one wanted to just generate some take over the world money,
    a standard rapid proto setup cranking out airsoft guns molds
    might be an idea. Just add springs, motors. Perfect proof of concept,
    and something where you might make a nice chunk of loot without
    making the ATF and other three letter agencies spaz out.

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