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Questionable Practices by the Wyoming GOP to Knock Ron Paul out of the Running?

Republican national alternate delegate Tyler Lindholm explains what he describes as unethical practices by higher ups in the Wyoming GOP, things like people voting for Romney twice, people who aren’t supposed to vote voting for Romney, votes for Ron Paul being ignored, Josh Romney handing out a slate of how everyone should vote, erroneous votes from WY elected GOP officials, intentional violations of GOP bylaws, and more. Tyler was there, and he names names and gives you all the dirt in this Anarchy Gumbo Podcast exclusive.

Whole interview is good, but the real dirt starts about 13 minutes in.

Also check out this video; 2012 Wyoming Republican State Convention – Erroneous ballots cast purposely. The important parts are in the first five minutes of the video.

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13 thoughts on “Questionable Practices by the Wyoming GOP to Knock Ron Paul out of the Running?

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  8. James on said:

    Can anyone do anything about that?

  9. Catness on said:

    I guess when Dick Cheney’s in the room, anything’s OK in Wyoming.

  10. Liberty_Girl on said:
  11. Carl Olsen on said:

    Some of the other things worth noting and reporting from the Wyoming State Republican Convention;

    During my presence At the Wyoming State Republican Convention and to the best of my knowledge, I observed all of the following to be true:

    1. The individual that was watching the vote count was ‘pulled’ from the count room to ‘negotiate’ the issue of the fraudulent ballot, leaving the Vote tally ‘un-watched’ by any official representative of the Ron Paul Campain for well over 30 minutes (Having seen the representative out of the count room, I estimated the time to be near or over an hour).


    2. Even though a Representative for the Ron Paul campain had specifically asked for representation from each party be allowed to ‘watch’ the vote count, there was no official Ron Paul representative, and to the best of my knowledge there was not even a Ron Paul supporter, watching or allowed in the room when the votes were counted for the 3 Electoral College positions, which cooincidently was seated by 3 establishment canidates that had endorsed Romney.

    The ‘establishment’ (Romney supporting comitee) claimed that mistakes were ‘unintended’. While I am only presenting my observation here and allowing you to draw your own conclusions, My experience is that in any fight there are a few jabs thrown before throwing a hook that really harms the opponent. The purpose of the jabs is to distract them while the real power play is being set and thrown.

    I would think that even ‘if’ these were ‘honest’ and ‘uninteded’ mistakes (wich I would be cautious to believe), there is a very clear indication that the public in general needs to become more involed in keeping ‘our’ government ‘honest’ and minded of ‘our rights’.

  12. Carl Olsen on said:

    I was there. I witnesses what Tyler has described as well as other behavior and situations that to me seemed very suspicious and ethically questionable, AND; I witnessed the Wyoming GOP officials address the State Convention with a complete bias and urging of support for Mitt Romney, almost to the point that they did everything except specifically order the State Delegates on who to vote for for the National Delegates.

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