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Kelly Voluntaryist Talks About Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll

Kelly Voluntaryist airport panties

Kelly Voluntaryist talks about sex, drugs, rock ‘n’ roll, being at the airport in panties, the TSA, Ted Nugent, guns, New Hampshire, why she joined the Free State Project, Free Keene, 420, and a bunch of other nifty things. Ian Freeman of Free Talk Live joins in a bit.

Questionable Practices by the Wyoming GOP to Knock Ron Paul out of the Running?

Republican national alternate delegate Tyler Lindholm explains what he describes as unethical practices by higher ups in the Wyoming GOP, things like people voting for Romney twice, people who aren’t supposed to vote voting for Romney, votes for Ron Paul being ignored, Josh Romney handing out a slate of how everyone should vote, erroneous votes from WY elected GOP officials, intentional violations of GOP bylaws, and more. Tyler was there, and he names names and gives you all the dirt in this Anarchy Gumbo Podcast exclusive.

Whole interview is good, but the real dirt starts about 13 minutes in.

Also check out this video; 2012 Wyoming Republican State Convention – Erroneous ballots cast purposely. The important parts are in the first five minutes of the video.


March and Jodie Emery

JODIE EMERY, wife of incarcerated political prisoner MARC EMERY talks about censorship, 2 Live Crew, helping marijuana lobbyists in America and Canada, Marc’s arrest, life in federal prison, conjugal visits, how to help the marijuana re-legalization effort, Advice for Aspiring Activists, BC Marijuana Party, the DEA, all-issue activism vs. single-issue activism, Ron Paul, Canada’s conservative government, friendly fascism, Geo Prison, Health Canada, medical marijuana in Canada, marriage, love, and hope for the future in a troubled world.

Free Marc:

Prince of Pot documentary:

Cannabis Culture Magazine:



Stephanie Murphy, the brilliant scientist from Free Talk Live and Porc Therapy, joins Michael W. Dean on the Gumbo to chat about BDSM, kink, paraphilia, the DSM IV, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome, Mumble, encryption and libertarians, avoiding the state, BitCoin, the search for personal freedom and purity, blocking idiots on the Interwebs, telecommuting to Porcfest, agony aunts, defooing, Stefan Molyneux, ¬†Linux vs. Windows, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and sex, novelty, best audio gear for podcasting, psychology, Free State Project, personal journeys to libertarianism, churches trying to “cure” homosexuality and porn “addiction”, Santorum, psyche meds, The Joy of Sex, the search for the clitoris vs. the state, guns, the Paleo Diet, the Monsanto Diet, and of course, WORMS!

For a while, Michael’s wife, DJ, joins the double-ender threesome, says some smart stuff about male strippers and bondage, and shows exactly why she and Stephanie have the most luxurious voices in podcasting.

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Anti-War Scott Horton On The Gumbo

picture of anti-war scott horton

Scott Horton of talks with Michael W. Dean of the Freedom Feens about Syria, Obama, Ron Paul, hope and despair, microphone choices, the JKF assassination, Dallas, Austin, Future Shock, It’s a Jetsons World, why does all the best technology end up being used for war?, anarcho-capitalism, the Internet as a global village, “should anarchists vote?”, not having time to read because of the Internet, conspiracy theories, the Oklahoma City bombing, “Was the Revolutionary War justified?”, hate mail from patriots, the non-aggression principle, Murray Rothbard, “Can anarchists embrace the Constitution?” and finding hope in a horribly violent world.

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